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LXP-US 3K-5K Hybrid

Shenzhen Lux Power Technology Co., Ltd.
From €0.186 / Wp
From €893 / Unit
Type: Hybrid
Power Range: 3~5 kW
Region: China China
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Hybrid inverter can applied in on-grid and off-grid system, compatible with generator to make a micro-grid system. It can seamlessly switch to off-grid mode, has good high temperature performance, with advanced max 10 pcs paralleling function, easy to install, remote monitoring, setting and update for free.

Product Characteristics

Model No.
3 KW 4 KW 5 KW
€893 / Unit €912 / Unit €930 / Unit
Input Data(DC)  
Max. DC Power
6 kW 7 kW 8 kW
Max. DC Voltage
550 V 550 V 550 V
Nominal DC Voltage
360 V 360 V 360 V
Min. DC Voltage to Start Feed In
140 V 140 V 140 V
Max. DC Current
25 A 25 A 25 A
MPP(T) Voltage Range
235~500 V 245~500 V 255~500 V
No of MPP Trackers
2 2 2
Output Data (AC)  
Max. AC Power
3 kW 4 kW 5 kW
Nominal AC Power
3 kW 4 kW 5 kW
Output AC Voltage Range
211~264 V 211~264 V 211~264 V
Max. AC Current
15 A 20 A 25 A
Nominal AC Current
12.5 A 17 A 21 A
Frequency Range
45-65 Hz 45-65 Hz 45-65 Hz
50, 60 Hz 50, 60 Hz 50, 60 Hz
Power Factor (cosθ)
0.99 0.99 0.99
Distortion (THD)
< 3 % < 3 % < 3 %
No of feed-in phases
1 1 1
Max. Efficiency
97.5 % 97.5 % 97.5 %
Euro Efficiency
96.5 % 96.5 % 96.5 %
General Data  
Dimensions (H/W/D) 
476x455x181 mm 476x455x181 mm 476x455x181 mm
20 kg 20 kg 20 kg
Power Consumption at Night
< 5 W < 5 W < 5 W
Noise Level
< 25 dB(A) < 25 dB(A) < 25 dB(A)
Operating Temperature -25 ~ +60 ℃
Transformer Transformerless
Protection Class IP65, NEMA 4X
Humidity 0-100 %
Cooling Natural
Max. Altitude 2000 m
Interface RS 485, WLAN
Display LCD, LED
Protection Features  
Protection Features Anti Island Protection(ENS), Short Circuit Protection, Overvoltage Protection, Overcurrent Protection, Reverse Polarity Protection, Ground Fault Monitoring, Grid Monitoring
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Our Manufacturing

Lux Power was founded by the new energy industry top engineers who developed various types of solar and energy storage inverters and energy management systems for over 15 years, born as the technical leader and absolute focusing on innovation. With state-of-art technology and understandings to the coming era of energy storage+, Lux Power team is keen to provide always better products and solutions to enable the power of our users.








Shenzhen Lux Power Technology Co., Ltd.

4th Floor, Building 63, Zhongwu New Industrial Park, Xixiang, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong
No. Staff: 50
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Shenzhen Lux Power Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2017. It is a professional enterprise engaged in the research, development, production and sales of inverters. It has more than 15 years of experience in the development of inverters and power electronics products. The research and development department is larger than 1,000 m2.

In 2017, the company developed a solar energy storage hybrid inverter. In 2018, it developed an AC coupled energy storage inverter, which is leading in the market. In 2019, the company sell more than one thousand inverters per month all over the world. With high performance, high standards and high service, we get high praise from customers in UK, Japan, South Africa and Vietnam.

With the core value of “innovation, service and development”, the company creates value for customers and provides high-quality hybrid energy storage inverters and solutions around the world.

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