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Huayu New Energy Technologies Co., Ltd.
From €0.100 / Wp
From €165 / Unit
Type: Micro-inverter
Power Range: 1.1~2.2 kW
Region: China China
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● Featured with module-level MPPT and module-level monitoring
● Max.60V DC input voltage makes no risk of electric shock for installers and no risk of fire on rooftops
● Integrated AC cable & built-in WiFi monitoring device, lower hardware cost
● AC cable "plug & play" installation, possible to add on existing solar system flexibility
● 25-year warranty for trouble-free service

Product Characteristics

Model No.
HY-2000-Plus HY-1000-Plus
2.2 KW 1.1 KW
€220 / Unit €165 / Unit
Product Warranty (Min)
25 Years 25 Years
Input Data(DC)  
Max. DC Power
2.4 kW 1.2 kW
Min. Power to Start Feed In
0.84 kW 0.42 kW
Max. DC Voltage
60 V 60 V
Min. DC Voltage to Start Feed In
16 V 16 V
Max. DC Current
16 A 16 A
MPP(T) Voltage Range
25~55 V 25~55 V
No of MPP Trackers
4 2
DC Inputs
4 2
Output Data (AC)  
Max. AC Power
2.2 kW 1.1 kW
Nominal AC Power
2 kW 1 kW
Output AC Voltage Range
184~265 V 184~265 V
Rated AC Voltage
230 V 230 V
Max. AC Current
9.6 A 4.8 A
Frequency Range
45-65 Hz 45-65 Hz
50, 60 Hz 50, 60 Hz
Power Factor (cosθ)
1 1
Distortion (THD)
< 3 % < 3 %
No of feed-in phases
1 1
Max. Efficiency
96.5 % 96.5 %
General Data  
Dimensions (H/W/D) 
267x300x42.5 mm 212x229x40 mm
5.2 kg 3.5 kg
Power Consumption at Night
< 0.03 W < 0.03 W
Operating Temperature -40 ~ +65 ℃
Protection Class IP67
Cooling Natural
Interface WLAN
Protection Features  
Protection Features Anti Island Protection(ENS), Short Circuit Protection, Overload Protection, Overcurrent Protection, Overtemperature Protection, Surge Protection, Isolation Monitoring, Grid Monitoring
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Huayu (Zhejiang) New Energy Technologies Co., Ltd


Huayu MLPE(Module-level Power Electronics) is designed with a much safer & smarter module-level solution(by microinverter) mainly for our home energy.

Why Huayu MLPE Solution

Huayu New Energy Technologies Co., Ltd.

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No.456 Xingning Road, Ningbo, Zhejiang
No. Staff: 760
Note: Your Enquiry will be sent directly to Huayu New Energy Technologies Co., Ltd..

Useful Contacts

Contact Face
Andy(Tianran) Tang Overseas Sales Director
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Simon(Jie) Huang Sales Manager of Asia-Pac...
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Neku Oluku Sale Dircetor of West Afr...
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Scott Hillman Sales Director of North A...
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Allen(Yang) Chen Sales Director of LATAM
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Claudio Ribeiro Ramalhoso Sales Director of Brazil
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Subhan Sultan Marketing Manager
Company Description
Huayu New Energy is dedicated to be a world’s leading “Safe & Smart Solar Energy” supplier for homeowners.

“For our home energy independence” is a vision deserved for all people who truly trust clean energy is the future for our children, whatever you’re from rich families or low-income families.

Since the establishment of Huayu New Energy, we specialize in R&D of Safe Module-Level Solar Solution and Smart Energy Storage Solution which are controlled by Huayu Portal Management Platform with over 10 languages, these innovative technologies are developed to configure a Smart Distributed Solar System with bidirectional flow of energy which no doubt is the basic infrastructure of our future Energy Internet.

Featured with “Renewable, Distributed, Interconnected, Open & Intelligent”, Energy Internet is a must for human beings in 21st century to realize a de-monopolistic & de-centralized sustainable power supply system across the globe. Huayu New Energy was born to be the leader of “Safe & Smart” distributed energy solution and play an irreplaceable role for the most exciting renewable energy revolution in human history.

Till today, we deliver thousands of Huayu microinverters(300-2000W)and Huayu storage inverters(3-12kW)for global families and small businesses in Europe, North America, LATAM, South East Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Together with us, to be a part of game changer for “Safe & Smart Energy” via “Honesty, Trust, Teamwork & Sharing”.
Business Details
Component Types
Inverter, Storage System, Data Logger, Monitor
Storage System
Category: On-grid, Off-grid, Standalone, Intelligent
Technology: GEL, AGM, Lithium Ion, LFP, Li-poly
Type: Off-grid, Hybrid, Micro-inverter
Power Range (kWp): 0.25-12
No. of Known Sellers
Inverter 9 Sellers

Huayu New Energy Technologies Co., Ltd.


                    On-Grid Home Microinverter 


Energy Storagy Inverter


The Huayu hybrid inverter HYH-5K-Pro with nominal AC output power 5kW can work with a battery bank as backup power to make the best use of time-of-use policy or to keep a continuous power supply in case of grid outage or poor wind turbine/diesel generator performance, which may help end users maximize self-consumption and enhance energy independence.


Work Patterns

With an intelligent control of the flow of energy, the HYH-5K-Pro hybrid inverter is designed to shift the working modes of a smart load system swiftly among on-grid, off-grid and backup pattern, which enables end users to obtain a financially advantageous electricity bill and stable power supply thanks to its capabilities of zero export, peak shaving and UPS.

Backup Power

HYH-5K-Pro is compatible with 48Vdc low voltage Li-Ion or Lead Acid battery bank(battery voltage range 40-60Vdc). Backup power capacity is a maximum of 5000 watts and it takes a seamless switchover(UPS)within 10ms upon a grid outage.


The inverter integrates both ground fault protection and arc fault protection(AFCI).

Parallel Extension
A Huayu energy storage system can support both single phase and three phase parallel configuration with a maximum of 10 units of HYH-5K-Pro inverters for either hybrid or AC-coupled applications.

Smart Monitoring

The Huayu Portal smart monitoring platform provides real-time operating status and historical data including general data of solar power generation, discharge backup power, load consumption and electricity feed into the grid.



Module - level Monitoring 

PC  +   Pad   +   Smartphone

Check Your Home Power Anywhere Anytime      



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