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MPS-V Series

Suzhou Johnray Solar Energy Co.,Ltd
Type: Hybrid
Power Range: --
Region: China China
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High performance,long life, easy installation.

Product Characteristics

Model No.
MPS-V-3200-24 MPS-V-5000-48
Input Data(DC)  
Nominal DC Voltage
230 V 230 V
MPP(T) Voltage Range
120~450 V 120~450 V
Output Data (AC)  
Output AC Voltage Range
218.5~241.5 V 218.5~241.5 V
Nominal AC Voltage
230 V 230 V
50, 60 Hz 50, 60 Hz
Max. Efficiency
97 % 97 %
General Data  
Dimensions (H/W/D) 
100x300x440 mm 100x300x440 mm
11 kg 12 kg
Operating Temperature -0 ~ +55 ℃
Humidity 5-95 %
Interface RS 232, USB, WLAN
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Suzhou Johnray Solar Energy Co.,Ltd

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Note: Your Enquiry will be sent directly to Suzhou Johnray Solar Energy Co.,Ltd.

Useful Contacts

Contact Face
Alli Yu Sales Vice-President
Contact Face
John GM
Company Description
JohnRay Solar Energy is an intematonal high-tech and fast-growing company, established in 2006, specalzing in RaD, which manufactures solar cells, modules. and PV power generation systems. Johnray solar, aiming at becoming "The expert of solar power generation", concentrating on cells, modules and solar power generation engineering, and having formed a relatively complete middle-stream and down-stream solar power industrial chain.
Business Details
Component Types
Inverter, Storage System, Solar System

Additional Offices

NO.16 Dongjing Industrial Square


To A Better Life

New Science, New Technology, Best Selling Globally.

Module Producing Power Station Development, Customized design of PV generation System.

540W Perc

Johnray Power Max Series, to Build a Beautiful World.

Scaled customization, continuous innovation and efficiency with cost reduction.

540w Bificial

An Efficiency MasterPiece from Johnray, New Science, New Technology, Future is coming...

Energy the city planning, enhance the architecture aesthetic effect.

5kw Off-Grid Solar System:

l  High Cost Effective;

l  DC power supply for safety supervision and protection of running equipment;

l  With over-current protection, negative current, over-load, thunderstorm weather etc, can be effective protection.