Tile Roof Mounting System

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1. 100% aluminum rails, lightweight and corrosion resistant
2. Designed for fast and easy installation
3. Beautiful shape and light weight
4. High stability and working time 25 years

Product Characteristics

Model No.
Tile Roof Mounting System
Product Warranty 12 Years
System Overview  
Type Pitched Roof
Mounting System Arrangement Rows, Columns
Panel Framing Framed
Panel Orientation Portrait, Landscape
Roof Types Tile
Wind Load
216 km/h
Snow Load
153 kg/m2
General Data  
Supporting Structure Materials Aluminium, Galvanized Steel
Small Parts Materials Aluminium
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Product Feature

SUNEON Tile Roof Mounting System is accommodating a wide range of modules framed or frameless. For the application of different roof, we have designed different roof hooks to make the installation between the rail and the roof much easier and faster. 

System Benefits:

● 100% aluminum rails, lightweight and corrosion resistant.

● Designed for fast and easy installation.

● Beautiful shape and light weight

The tile roof mounting system adopts aluminum material, which ensures the stability and beautiful shapes. Additionally, it won’t cause threat to roof load.

● High stability and working time 25 years

Main parts of Suneon Tile Mounting System have been tested under extreme condition and it can endure pressure from wind and snow. It can be used in extreme weather.

About Suneon Solar

Suneon is an integrated high-tech enterprise which includes the research, development, production, sales and trade. We have mounting solutions available for all projects: residential, commercial, utility, roof top and ground. All of our products are made in the factory with ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certified ensuring that they are of the highest standard, guaranteeing you gain the maximum output and the best value for money.

With the concept of "Survive With Quality,  Develop With Innovation", our mission is provide the world with access to clean, reliable energy at a fair price. To accomplish this mission, we help customers use solar power systems to reduce their energy bills, sustain the quality of their environment, and shape the future of energy production and conservation.

As one of the leading exporters of solar mounting systems, Suneon's products have been installed in more than 20 countries and regions since it established. These included Japan, Thailand, India, Australia, the United States, Mexico, Italy, Jordan, France, Egypt, Philippines, Malaysia and so on.  By the end of 2015, the total exports of Suneon's PV mounting system is over 300MW, already formed a relatively mature market network. Utilizing extensive experience, our R & D create mounting systems for solar modules that easily installed on ground, pitched and flat roofs, saving a lot of time and labor costs for customers.

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