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Floating Mounting System TP-FS

Xiamen Trip Solar Technology Co., Ltd.
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Region: China China
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● High bearing capacity.
● Economic. It doesn't need maintenance. In the long term, tremendous cost of upkeep, replace and repair will be spared.
● Simple and quick installation.
● The upper surface of floating body is anti-skid to ensure the safety of construction. The four corners are rounded obtuse corners to avoid being scratched by cement, wood chips or rusty nails.

Product Characteristics

Model No.
Product Warranty 15 Years
System Overview  
Type Floating Mount
Panel Orientation Portrait, Landscape
Tilt Angle
0-15 °
Wind Load
216 km/h
Main Floating Body  
Materials HDPE
Small Parts Materials HDPE
1245 N
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Floating Solar Mounting System Advantage

1. Environment

Save land resources to a great extent. It will not bring excessive impact on the water ecological environment.

2. Higher power generation efficiency

Solar panels will reduce the generation efficiency if they are overheated. The floating panels on the water can cause an evaporation cooling effect. The area of sunlight is often more uniform and lasts longer.

Avoiding shadows limits the efficiency of pv modules.

Prodution Equipment: High-end blow moulding, rotational moulding

Production Capacity:

5 MW/ month now. Capacity will increase to 10MW/month from Nov. 2019.

Product Description


Technical Datas

Packaging & Shipping

Whole container in Bulk 1*Container Internal Diameter 13.5m*2.35m*2.68m


1. Install Float Solar Mount System

 1) Install screw and nut.
     Fix the screw and nut to the aisle float solar mount.
2) Connect two aisle floating body.
    Use Aisle to connect two aisle floating body with screw and nut.
3) Install Front and Back Supporting.
    Fix the front/black supporting to the main floating body.
4) Connect aisle floating body with main float body.

2. Install Solar Panel To Float Solar Mount System
1) Fix fixture with holes to the front and back supporting.
2) Fix solar panel to the fixture, then tighten the screws and nuts on the fixture.

3. Install Anchor

Feature Projects


Company Information

Xiamen Trip Solar manufactures and exports solar mount for 9 years.
We have 4500 square factory with 150 staffs, including professional product experts, engineers, QC and skilled workers.

Tailor project + Help u expand market

Our Services

1) Arrange solar panels after getting the lake of the coordinates or the drawings and the number of solar panels.
2) Recommend appropriate anchoring structures based on depth of lake.
3) Calculate fixtures of shore and anchors of bottom of lake quantity.
4) Calculate the crew number and time of installating each lake.

Xiamen Trip Solar Technology Co., L...

Area A, No. 55, Pingcheng North Road, Haicang District, Xiamen, Fujian
No. Staff: 500
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Research and Development Group

● More than 20 years of work experience, independent research and development of new products, so far, has 20 appearance patents.
● Can provide customized solutions, engineering structural mechanics calculation.

Factory Production

● More than 14,000 square meters square meters production line & warehouse; independent aluminum alloy production line and steel processing line: can strictly track and control the quality, to meet customer needs.

Quality Control

● Set up IQC, PQC, FQC, equipped with hardness meter, thickness detector, vernier caliper, strictly control the quality of each process. Quality is the goal that we pursue forever.

Enterprise Vision

● Our goal is to manufacture the best photovoltaic installation systems in the solar installation industry;
● To save time and materials, flexible and convenient, high stability, short installation period.

Corporate Mission

● Customer demand is always our pursuit.

Customer Service

● Factory inspection service at any time;
● Provide personalized installation solutions;
● Accurate delivery and considerate service.

Sales Team

● More than 20 people, developing domestic sales and foreign trade, and the installed capacity exceeded 300MW.

Sales Area

● Our products have been successfully sold to more than 100 countries such as Europe, the United States, Japan, etc.

Factory Address

● Area A, No.55 Pingcheng North Road, Haicang District, Xiamen, Fujian Province, China.

Main Products

● Solar carport, RV solar mounting, Floating mounting system, Ground mounting system, Roof solar system and solar water pump.

Leave a inquiry, we can give you good solution, We can guarantee you will be satisfied with our products, it is our goal. In conclusion, Quality first, Best faith priority, we want to manufacture best solar mounting solution for our customers.

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