TMS PV Modules and Solar Systems, S.L.
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Type: Polycrystalline
Power Range: 340 Wp
Region: Spain Spain
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  • Cell Type: Monocrystalline
  • Dimensions: 164x29x0.2 mm
  • Weight: 1.4 kg
  • Cell Size: 125×125 mm
  • Glass Thickness: --
  • Pmax: 60 Wp
  • Vmpp: 12 V
  • Impp: 5 A
  • Voc: 13.5 V
  • Isc: 5.7 A
  • Efficiency: --
  • Product Warranty: 5 Years
  • Power Warranty: --

Product Characteristics

Model No.
Product Warranty 12 Years
Power Warranty 10 Years of 90% Output Power, 25 Years of 80% Output Power
Electrical Data at STC  
Maximum Power (Pmax)
340 Wp
Voltage at Maximum Power (Vmpp)
44 V
Current at Maximum Power (Impp)
7.73 A
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)
54.56 V
Short Circuit Current (Isc)
8.38 A
Panel Efficiency
14.56 %
Power Tolerance(Positive)
+ 1.5 %
  Standard Test Conditions (STC): air mass AM 1.5, irradiance 1000W/m2, cell temperature 25°C
Electrical Data at NOCT  
Maximum Power (Pmax)
248 Wp
Voltage at Maximum Power (Vmpp)
40.2 V
Current at Maximum Power (Impp)
6.17 A
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)
50.1 V
Short Circuit Current (Isc)
6.82 A
45±2 °C
  Nominal Operating Cell Temperature (NOCT): 800W/m2, AM 1.5, windspeed 1m/s,ambient temperature 20°C
Thermal Ratings  
Operating Temperature Range -40~85 °C
Temperature Coefficient of Pmax -0.47 %/°C
Temperature Coefficient of Voc -0.34 %/°C
Temperature Coefficient of Isc 0.045 %/°C
Maximum Ratings  
Maximum System Voltage 1000 V
Series Fuse Rating 20 A
Material Data  
Panel Dimension (H/W/D) 1790x1304x45 mm
Weight 24 kg
Cell Type Polycrystalline
Cell Size 156×156 mm
Cell Number 88
Glass Type Tempered, Anti-reflection Coating, High Transmittance, Low Iron
Glass Thickness 3.2 mm
Encapsulant Type EVA
Back Cover Type TPT
Frame Type Anodized Aluminium Alloy
Junction Box Diodes 6
Junction Box Protection Class IP 65
Connector Type MC4
Cable Crosssection 4 mm2
Cable Length 1000 mm
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TMS PV Modules and Solar Systems, S.L.

Verema Street Num. 19, Industrial Area PAEC, Calonge, Girona, CP 17252
No. Staff: 120
Parent Company: Solar International Group Ltd
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Tamesol origins go back to 2005, focused as PV modules producer. Our headquarters are located in Girona (Spain). Spain, Italy, Brazil, Romania, Germany and United States are the main countries where Tamesol has participated as provider. From our headquarters, we research and develop new solutions to improve the performance of our modules and systems. We also coordinate all the logistics and product delivery from here to any world’s place. Tamesol’s professional staff is highly qualified with wide expertise in photovoltaic area.

At Tamesol we want to make the energy of the future profitable today.

Our mission is to be a leader in developing energy solutions, actively contributing to social welfare and sustainable development. Our decentralised manufacturing process adapts to the characteristics of each market, whether producing in our factories located in Asia. If necessary, we can set up our production line anywhere in the world.

Already more than 105,000 families trust us to bring them clean and efficient energy.


Production (MW)/: 200 MWp
Monocrystalline, Polycrystalline
Power Range(Wp): 40-340

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