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Einnova Solarline, China Jiangsu International Group
From €0.161 / Wp
Type: Monocrystalline
Power Range: 345 Wp
Region: China China
Note: Your Enquiry will be sent directly to Einnova Solarline, China Jiangsu International Group.


1. PERC cell, half-cut technology
2. Positive power tolearance up to +5W
3. 30years' warranty
4. TUV, CE, ISO certified
5. CHUBB insurance
6. 5400Pa mechanical strength

Product Characteristics

Model No.
Product Warranty 12 Years
Power Warranty 12 Years of 92.5% Output Power, 30 Years of 83% Output Power
Electrical Data at STC  
Maximum Power (Pmax)
345 Wp
Voltage at Maximum Power (Vmpp)
33.69 V
Current at Maximum Power (Impp)
10.24 A
  Standard Test Conditions (STC): air mass AM 1.5, irradiance 1000W/m2, cell temperature 25°C
Material Data  
Panel Dimension (H/W/D) 1684x1002x35 mm
Cell Type Monocrystalline
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Product Feature

About Einnova Solarline

Einnova Solarline is one of the leading manufacturers of solar products in China. As a dedicated solar business division under the ownership of China Jiangsu International Group Ltd, Einnova Solarline continually works hard to supply the best cost to value and high quality products to our clients worldwide.

With the fast growing of solar industry worldwide in the last decade, Einnova Solarline actively develops and manufactures various types of solar modules and mounting systems, as well as provides solar system kits.

Thanks to our traditionally strong management in whole supply chain, manufacturing technology, and professional expertise in R&D, Einnova Solarline is able to supply the best quality solar products applied in different harsh environments worldwide. 

To bring the next generation a brighter, healthier and cleaner future is the mission we will pursue for a life time! Einnova Solarline devotes itself to supplying the world with clean, affordable and easily accessible solar energy.


Project Picture




Einnova Solarline, China Jiangsu International Group

+86 25 84792033
No. 5 West Beijing Road, Nanjing, Jiangsu, 210008
No. Staff: 15,000
Parent Company: China Jiangsu International Economic Technical Cooperation Corporation (CJI)
Note: Your Enquiry will be sent directly to Einnova Solarline, China Jiangsu International Group.


Production (MW)/: MWp
Monocrystalline, Polycrystalline
Power Range(Wp): 255-330

Useful Contacts

Contact Face
Emma Wu Sales Director
Contact Face
Lionel Darricau Sales Director for French...
Contact Face
陈盼红 采购总监
Company Description
Established in 1980, China Jiangsu International Economic and Technical Group Ltd.(CJI) is one of the biggest top 100 state-owned comprehensive companies in China. Thanks to its long history and rich experience in construction, engineering, real estate,renewable energy, manufacturing and international business, CJI has successfully built a strong clients base and well served them in more than 100 countries. CJI has branch companies set up in more than 40 countries, total assets reaching 50 billion USD. Employees amount to 20,000+ all over the world.
CJI has been consecutively ranked as top 225 ENR international contractors since 2000, built many high quality buildings and infrastructure projects in North America, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Latin America, Africa etc.
For more details about CJI, please kindly visit our group company website at or click the top blue banner – CJI Group Company to check the website, thank you!
Business Details
Type: Monocrystalline, Polycrystalline
Power Range(Wp): 255-330
Parent Company
China Jiangsu International Economic Technical Cooperation Corporation (CJI)
Product Videos

Company Updates

22 Jun 2021

Einnova Solarline has received TUV SUD certificate for premium high power modules up to 555w. This new certificate is based on IEC 61215 and 61730 testing stanards.

23 Feb 2021

Einnnova Solarline launches new higher power 550w solar modules which are made up of 182'' solar cells. Einnova Solarline's new production line for 182'' and 210'' cells has came to full operation!

Additional Offices

(614) 161 1670
Av. Silvestre Terrazas# 11800, Col. Esperanza. C.P. 31104, Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico


Great company to work with, would always recommend them. Great service representatives that are quick to resolve any possible queries.

-- , ARTsolar (Pty) Ltd


As the dedicated solar business branch under China Jiangsu International Group, Einnova Solarline was set up in 2008 to focus on the manufacuring and R&D of premium solar modules for clients all over the world.

In past 12years, Einnova has been developing steady and fast, growing into one of the leading solar module manufaturers in the world. Right now Einnova is on the list of Top 20 Solar Module Manufacturers in China. 

Thanks to its super expertise in manufacturing, professional and talented technical team, rich R&D experience, strong financial strength and management system, good relationship with strategical partners, Einnova has been able to manufacture and supply most reliable solar modules with good quality and competitive costs. 

So far, Einnova has supplied solar modules to more than 50countries globally, including Europe, North America, Asia, Africa, Middle East, South America etc.with accumulated installation capacity of more than 8G watts. 

QUALITY lies in the hearts of Einnova team as it is the foundation for our long term development! We always use first-class raw materials to guarantee good quality. Besides this, our solar modules are produced with customized full-automatic production lines and German& Japanese equipment. And we use uniquely designed cloud-manufacturing IT system for full tracking records of each piece of solar module – that’s one of our biggest advantages over other competitors for quality control! 

Our goal is to guarantee “each piece of module in Einnova production line must fully comply with IEC 61215 and 61730 standards”. We have successfully got TUV, CE,UL,JET etc. certificates and our manufacturing systems comply with ISO 9000, ISO 14000 and OHSAS 18000 criterias completely!

Our production capacity stands at 1.6GW for the moment and we have four factories in mainland China and Taiwan. The fifth factory in Vietnam is in construction, which willl further expand our production capacity in near future and enhance our capability to serve more clients in the world!

Einnova Solarline looks forward to cooperation with you!

Factory I at Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, China

Capacity: 500MW

Factory II at Tianchang, Anhui province, China

Capacity: 500MW

Factory III at Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, China

Capacity: 100MW

Factory IV at Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Capacity: 500MW


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