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3600 - 10000 Wp

Ningbo Raytech New Energy Materials Co., Ltd.
From €0.437 / Wp
Category: On-Grid
Type: Pitched Roof
Region: China China
Product is no longer manufactured.


RayTech can supply the professional E+P service for the large scale MW solar project. Making solar power simple by supplying the high reliable and cost effective solar system. RayTech double glass solar syetme can generate more electricty with 30 years performance warranty. Choosing RayTech solar system is more than an investment.

Product Characteristics

Model No.
Raytech - 3.6kW Raytech - 5kW Raytech - 10kW
Package Power
3600 Wp 5000 Wp 10000 Wp
€1,670 / Set €2,190 / Set €4,380 / Set
System Warranty 5 Years
Panel Product Warranty 30 Years
Panel Power Warranty 30 Years of 83% Output Power
Inverter Warranty 5 Years
Mounting System Warranty 15 Years
Panel Specification  
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Panel Number
10 14 28
Panel Power
360 Wp 360 Wp 360 Wp
Panel Brand
Raytech New Energy Materials Raytech New Energy Materials Raytech New Energy Materials
Panel Series Name
Panel Type
Monocrystalline Monocrystalline Monocrystalline
Inverter Specification  
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Inverter Number
1 1 1
Inverter Power
3.6 kW 5 kW 10 kW
Inverter Brand
Growatt New Energy Growatt New Energy Growatt New Energy
Inverter Series Name
Mounting System Specification  
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Mounting System Brand
Mibet Energy Mibet Energy Mibet Energy
Mounting System Series Name
Mounting System Type
Pitched Roof Pitched Roof Pitched Roof
Cable Length 5 m
Cable Crossection 4 mm²
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10 Advantages of Double-Glass Solar Modules

Ningbo Raytech New Energy Materials Co., Ltd.

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Huyong Cooperation Demonstration Park, No. 18 Qiyuan Road, Hangzhou Bay New District, Ningbo, Zhejiang
No. Staff: 156
Product is no longer manufactured.

Useful Contacts

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Dan (Emily) Zhang Marketing Director
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Cherry Liu Sales Dept
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Kevin Li Sales Dept
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Jorn Zhang Sales Dept

Additional Offices

Raytech Shandong Division: Chengyang District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province

1. BPDMJ36H(S) 215-230W

2. BPDMJ60H(S) 360-380W

3. BPDMJ72H(S) 430-455W

4. DMJ36H(S) 215-230W

5. DMJ60H(S) 360-375W

6. DMJ72H(S) 430-450W

7. SMJ72H(S) 430-450W