Solar System Directory

Welcome to the world’s most advanced solar system product directory. Solar installers, system integrators and sellers can use our advanced technical filters to find the exact solar systems that match their needs. We have collated solar system data from manufacturers from all around the world into a common template, allowing you to compare and review solar systems easily. Finally, please also note that at the top of the page you can switch between browsing whole series of solar systems or individual solar system models.

Solar System Directory
(256 Solar System Series / 637 Individual Solar Systems)

Solar System Filters
  • 5200 Wp
    Power: 5200 Wp
    Photon Solar
    Panel Brand: Phono Solar Panel Number: 20
    Inverter Brand: Victron Energy Category: Off-Grid
    Region: Germany Germany Type: Pitched Roof
  • 1000 Wp
    Power: 1000 Wp
    United Telecoms
    Panel Brand: -- Panel Number: 4
    Inverter Brand: -- Category: Home Storage
    Region: India India Type: Pitched Roof
  • 10000 Wp
    Power: 10000 Wp
    Suntime Energy
    Panel Brand: Suntime Energy Panel Number: 40
    Inverter Brand: Delta Electronics Category: Off-Grid
    Region: India India Type: Flat Roof
  • 5000 Wp
    Panel Brand: Haotech Panel Number: 2
    Inverter Brand: Haotech Category: Standalone
    Region: China China Type: --
  • 3000 - 20000 Wp
    Panel Brand: HT-SAA Panel Number: 12,20,40,80
    Inverter Brand: -- Category: Off-Grid
    Region: China China Type: Flat Roof
  • 20000 Wp
    Panel Brand: -- Panel Number: 80
    Inverter Brand: -- Category: Off-Grid
    Region: China China Type: --