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LiFePO4 Battery | UFO Powerwall |5KWh-10KWh

Shenzhen UFO Power Technology Co., Ltd.
From €131 / kWh
From €1,540 / Unit
Storage System Technology: LFP
Nominal Capacity: 100 - 400 Ah
Region: China China
Note: Your Enquiry will be sent directly to Shenzhen UFO Power Technology Co., Ltd..

Alternative Product

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  • Storage System Category: Standalone
  • Storage System Technology: LFP
  • Product Warranty: --
  • Dimensions: 537x498x697 mm
  • Weight: 140 kg
  • Nominal Voltage: --
  • Nominal Capacity: --
  • Cycle Life:
  • Design Life: --

Product Characteristics

Model No.
48V100Ah 5KWh Powerwall 48V 200Ah 10Kwh Powerwall
Price (kWh)
€160 / kWh €131 / kWh
Price (Unit)
€1,540 / Unit €2,520 / Unit
Product Warranty (Min) 10 Years
Storage System Category Intelligent
Storage System Technology LFP
Battery Datasheet
Electrical Data  
Cell Number
15 /Unit 30 /Unit
Nominal Voltage
48 V 48 V
Nominal Capacity
Max. Discharge Current
100 A 200 A
Max. Charge Current
50 A 100 A
Internal Resistance
50 mΩ 80 mΩ
Design Life
8 Years 8 Years
Cycle Life 3500@80%DOD, 3500@80%DOD
Temperature Parameters  
Charge Temperature -0 ~ +45 ℃
Discharge Temperature -20 ~ +55 ℃
Storage Temperature -20 ~ +65 ℃
General Data  
Dimension (L/W/H)
650x480x190 mm 650x480x190 mm
48 Kg 80 Kg
Container Material Other
Cover Material Other
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Shenzhen UFO Power Technology Co., Ltd.

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The 4th Floor, No. 8 Workshop Building, Shao Pai Industrial Area, Five Community, Longgang Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong
Note: Your Enquiry will be sent directly to Shenzhen UFO Power Technology Co., Ltd..

Useful Contacts

Contact Face
Contact Face
Mike Sales manager
Company Description

UFO battery has been a professional Lithium-ion battery manufacturer, and power solution provider since 2010.
UFO designs, develops, and manufactures high-tech lithium-ion batteries for storage, industrial, medical, military, and power applications.

What services do we offer?

  • LifePo4/Li-ion battery pack manufacture

  • BMS R&D


Who have we served?

  • Edotco Group

  • Bayer

  • Schneider

  • Emerson

  • LBC

Product Videos

About Us

Shenzhen UFO Power Technology is a professional manufacturer of high-technology lithium-ion batteries, LiFePO4 batteries, Powerwall, and other related items with over a decade of experience. Making high-end lithium batteries since 2010, our company has won numerous awards in battery innovation. Not only does our battery utilize only environmentally acceptable materials, but it also does not contain any toxic chemicals or metals, has zero emissions, and is made of recyclable material. The application fields of UFO efficient lithium-ion batteries are various, including mobility, automotive, RV, power storage, telecommunication base station, custom solutions, and more. Besides, with a 10-year experienced R&D team, UFO provides intelligent self-developed BMS with different communication interface and also provide technical support and solutions according to the specific requirements of our customers.
UFO Power products are mainly exported to Japan, Korea, Europe, America, etc. We have provided efficient service for some international companies such as Emerson, Bayer, Edotco Group, and more.
Our success has been attributed to offering the most advanced products, great customer service, ease of communication, and the ability to create winning relationships with manufacturers, dealers, and other customers. Besides creating one of the strongest, safest, and most reliable batteries, we set out to be the most responsible as well. Our ongoing commitment is to keep developing lithium-ion battery with the latest battery technology and offers our distributors and OEM customers innovative and reliable products at reasonable prices.
In choosing UFO Power Lithium-ion battery, where we thrive to set a higher standard, you will get access to outstanding quality lithium batteries and satisfactory, efficient service as well. We warmly welcome friends from different fields to cooperate with us.
Our Company and Factory
Our Products

Why Choose UFO Lithium-ion Battery?

1. High-quality battery cell provides long operating life

UFO Battery focuses on outstanding lithium batteries and provides a different capacity option for lithium-ion batteries. The battery can be customized according to the customer’s requirements. UFO Lithium-ion batteries use recyclable material with long service life.

2. UFO independently developed BMS Provides Quality Assurance

UFO Battery has our own R&D team for BMS, providing more effective battery protection to improve the stability of the battery and prolong the battery lifespan.

3. High & Low temperature resistance provides superior performance

UFO Battery aims at manufacturing outstanding-quality lithium-ion batteries that have good temperature resistance. The working temperature can range from -20°C to 60°C and it is an ideal replacement for the traditional lead-acid batteries.

4. Compact size, lightweight, ideal replacement for the lead-acid battery

The characteristic of the high energy density of UFO lithium-ion battery makes space saving possible. Compared to lead-acid batteries, the weight of the lithium-ion battery is 1/3 of that of a lead-acid battery.

5. UFO Powerwall and telecom battery with GPRS data transmission units (DTU)

UFO LiFePO4 storage batteries (Powerwall, telecom battery) are equipped with GPRS Data Transmission Units (DTU), which provide remote control of LiFePO4 battery and help monitor the status of LiFePO4 battery. The GPS Function within the LiFePO4 battery can provide positional tracking of the battery to prevent it from stealing. Whenever you use the battery APP on your cellphone, you are able to track the location of your LiFePO4 battery. Also, the GPRS function offers convenience to you to monitor the performance of the LiFePO4 battery, such as battery temperature, voltage and more.


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