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HDC Lead Carbon Battery

CSBattery Energy Co., Ltd
From €82.8 / kWh
From €32.5 / Unit
Storage System Technology: Lead Carbon
Nominal Capacity: 20 - 400 Ah
Region: China China
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Alternative Product


Junlee Energy
From €154 / kWh
  • Storage System Category: Off-grid
  • Storage System Technology: LFP
  • Product Warranty: 5 Years
  • Dimensions: 522x240x218 mm
  • Weight: 19 kg
  • Nominal Voltage: 12.8 V
  • Nominal Capacity: 200 Ah
  • Cycle Life: 4000@100%DOD
  • Design Life: --

Product Characteristics

Model No.
HDC6-200 HDC6-205 HDC6-225 HDC6-230 HDC6-280 HDC6-300 HDC6-340 HDC6-400 HDC12-20 HDC12-24 HDC12-30 HDC12-35 HDC12-50 HDC12-60 HDC12-75 HDC12-90 HDC12-100 HDC12-110 HDC12-120 HDC12-135 HDC12-180 HDC12-200 HDC12-220 HDC12-250
Price (kWh)
€82.8 / kWh
Price (Unit)
€109 / Unit €113 / Unit €122 / Unit €130 / Unit €169 / Unit €172 / Unit €199 / Unit €201 / Unit €32.5 / Unit €36.6 / Unit €41.0 / Unit €52.2 / Unit €66.9 / Unit €77.5 / Unit €91.4 / Unit €105 / Unit €119 / Unit €138 / Unit €158 / Unit €167 / Unit €217 / Unit €235 / Unit €251 / Unit €269 / Unit
Product Warranty (Min) 3 Years
Storage System Category Off-grid
Storage System Technology Lead Carbon
Battery Datasheet
Electrical Data  
Cell Number
3 /Unit 3 /Unit 3 /Unit 3 /Unit 3 /Unit 3 /Unit 3 /Unit 3 /Unit 6 /Unit 6 /Unit 6 /Unit 6 /Unit 6 /Unit 6 /Unit 6 /Unit 6 /Unit 6 /Unit 6 /Unit 6 /Unit 6 /Unit 6 /Unit 6 /Unit 6 /Unit 6 /Unit
Nominal Voltage
6 V 6 V 6 V 6 V 6 V 6 V 6 V 6 V 12 V 12 V 12 V 12 V 12 V 12 V 12 V 12 V 12 V 12 V 12 V 12 V 12 V 12 V 12 V 12 V
Nominal Capacity
Internal Resistance
3.1 mΩ 2.9 mΩ 2.8 mΩ 2.8 mΩ 2.6 mΩ 2.5 mΩ 2.3 mΩ 2.2 mΩ 2.2 mΩ 13.5 mΩ 13.0 mΩ 11 mΩ 10.5 mΩ 10 mΩ 8.8 mΩ 7.5 mΩ 6.5 mΩ 6 mΩ 5.5 mΩ 5.0 mΩ 4.5 mΩ 4.0 mΩ 3.5 mΩ 3.0 mΩ
Design Life
20 Years 20 Years 20 Years 20 Years 20 Years 20 Years 20 Years 20 Years
Cycle Life 4500@30%DOD, 3300@50%DOD, 1500@80%DOD
Temperature Parameters  
Charge Temperature -30 ~ +60 ℃
Discharge Temperature -30 ~ +60 ℃
Storage Temperature -30 ~ +60 ℃
General Data  
Dimension (L/W/H)
306x168x220 mm 260x180x246 mm 243x187x275 mm 260x180x265 mm 295x175x346 mm 295x178x346 mm 295x178x404 mm 295x178x404 mm 166x175x126 mm 165x126x174 mm 196x130x155 mm 198x166x174 mm 229x138x208 mm 350x167x178 mm 260x169x211 mm 307x169x211 mm 331x176x215 mm 407x174x208 mm 341x173x283 mm 484x171x241 mm 532x206x215 mm 522x240x219 mm 520x268x203 mm 520x268x224 mm
31.0 Kg 30.0 Kg 32.5 Kg 34.2 Kg 45.8 Kg 46.5 Kg 55.0 Kg 57.2 Kg 8.4 Kg 8.6 Kg 10.2 Kg 14 Kg 17.7 Kg 23 Kg 26 Kg 30 Kg 33 Kg 39 Kg 40.5 Kg 45.5 Kg 58.5 Kg 64.8 Kg 70.8 Kg 77.5 Kg
Container Material Plastic
Cover Material Plastic
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CSBattery Energy Co., Ltd

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Floor 3, Building Evolution, Xingdong industry Park, NO.61, Liuxian 2nd Road, Baoan, Shenzhen, Guangdong
No. Staff: 1,000
Parent Company: CSPOWER
Note: Your Enquiry will be sent directly to CSBattery Energy Co., Ltd.

Useful Contacts

Contact Face
Leo Liu Marketing Manager
Contact Face
Amy.Jiang sales
Contact Face
Amanda.Huang sales
Contact Face
Alina.Zeng sales
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Booie Sales Manager
Contact Face
Ada.Pan sales
Company Description
CSBattery Energy CO.,Limited is a professional battery manufacturer incorporated in 2003, provides AGM, Gel, Lead Carbon, OPzV, OPzS, Traction (DIN/BS), Deep Cycle, High-Temp, Long life, Durable Lead Acid batteries and Lithium batteries for Off Grid Solar, Solar Energy Power, Data Centers, Telecom BTS, UPS/EPS, Motive equipments like forklifts, E-vehicles, etc….

As a battery factory, CSBattery has steadily expanded to approximately 1000 employees which include an experienced management team supported by a team of highly committed technical and manufacturing workers. Located in a world-class, modern industrial park of 50, 000 square meters in Guangdong, China, CSBattery’s top of line facilities produce an annual capacity of approximately 2, 000, 000kVAh.

CSBattery has a strong partnership with many giant customers all around the world, including Huawei、Telefonica、GE、ABB、Siemens and Vodafone. Our products have been widely used in many industrial sectors such as Oil&energy ,power grid, telecommunication ,Banks, medical treatment ,transportation and education.

CSBattery Product

CSBattery is a professional battery manufacturer and exporter Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid (SLA/VRLA) Batteries:

Ø AGM Batteries, Ø GEL Batteries,  Ø OPzV Battery, Ø Lead Carbon, Ø Flooded Acid Batties

Ø Off Grid Solar Batteries, Ø Solar GEL Batteries, Ø Telecom Batteries, Ø Car/Auto Batteries

Ø High Temperature long life GEL battery, Ø Front Terminal Battery,

Ø Lithium batteries and so on.

CSBattery Assembling

As a battery manufacturer, Support fast project 

As one stop battery manufacturer, our workshop Produce Lead plate by ourself . For urgent project we can support fast delivery time. Gerneral battery 10-15 days, Tubular battery 15-20 days.

CSBattery Quality Control 

CSBattery Certifications

Ø  IEC 60896-21/22                 Ø  IEC 61427     Ø  ISO9001/14001/18001        Ø  Eurobat guide, long life     Ø  BS6290 part 4                       
Ø  GB/T 22473                          Ø  CE                  Ø  MH63727-UL
CSBattery Packing 

CSBattery Projects

CSBattery Applications

Ø Electric Powered Vehicles          Ø Wheel Chairs           Ø BTS Stations           Ø Medical Equipment           Ø Solar and Wind          

Ø Golf Cars and Buggies               Ø Power Tools           Ø Control System           Ø UPS systems           Ø Emergency systems 

CSBattery Factory 

CSBattery ENERGY CO.,LIMITED is a professional manufacturer and exporter of environmental friendly Rechargeable  Deep Cycle AGM Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Batteries, Solar GEL Batteries, Front Terminal Battery, High Temperature long life GEL battery, OPzV Battery, Car/Auto Batteries, Telecom Batteries, Lithium batteries and other Solar related products such as  Solar inverter, Solar charger controller, Solar panel and so on.

CSBattery Customers 

CSBattery FAQ


                Ø Q1. Can your battery be delivered by sea and air?
                A: Yes, our batteries can be delivered both by sea and by air. We have MSDS, test report for safe transport as non-dangerous products.
                Ø Q2. Can I put my logo on the battery?
                A: Yes, you can print your logo on our batteries when you order reach 20ft container quantity. If not, price will be negotiated.
                Ø Q3. Can I fast charge my battery?
                A: Fast charging is not recommended as ifs harmful for the battery.
                ØQ4. Can I do a partial replacement of my batteries?
                A: Partial battery replacement of lead acid battery banks is not recommended.
                Ø Q5. How about your delivery time usually?
                A: About 7 days for stock products, around 20 days for half container products, 30 days for 20ft full container products.
                Ø Q6. Are you a battery manufacturer, and do you produce the plate by yourself ?
                A: Yes, we are a professional battery manufacture in Guangdong Province, China. And we produce plates by ourselves.
                Ø Q7. What certificate your company have?
                A: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, CE, UL, IEC 61427 test report, Patent for gel technology and other Chinese honor.
                Ø Q8.What is your warranty time for VRLA battery ?
                A: It depends on battery capacity, depth of discharge, and battery usage. Please kindly contact us for accurate information based on detailed
                Ø Q9. Why battery has different capacity at different hour rate?
                A: The capacity of a battery, in Ahs, is a dynamic number that is dependent on the discharge current. For example, a battery that is discharged
                         at 10A will give you more capacity than a battery that is discharged at 100A. With the 20-hr rate, the battery is able to deliver more Ahs
                          than with the 2-hr rate because the 20-hr rate uses a lower discharge current than the 2-hr rate.
                Ø Q10. What is the shelf life of VRLA battery and how to maintain the battery?
                A: The limiting factor of battery's shelf life is the rate of self-discharge which itself is temperature dependent. VRLA batteries will self-discharge
                         less than 3% per month at 77° F (25° C). VRLA batteries should not be stored for more than 6 months at 77° F (25° C) without recharged.
                         If in hot temperature, recharge it every 3 month. When batteries are taken out of long storage, it is recommended to recharge before use.
                Ø Q11. How does your factory control the quality?
                A: We Adopt ISO 9001 quality system to control the quality. We have Incoming Quality Control (IQC) department to test and confirm raw
                         material meets high quality producing requirements, Production Quality Control (PQC) department contains The first Inspection, In-process
                         quality control, acceptance inspection and full inspection, Outgoing Quality Control (OQC) department confirm no defective batteries come
                         out from the factory.
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