RENAC Power Technology Co., Ltd.
Block 6, No. 2, West Jinzhi Road, Suzhou National Hi-Tech District, 215000 Suzhou
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Huimin Li
Business Support Manager
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Olivia Shang
Sales Director
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Yoga Yu
Regional sales manager
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Andy Wang
Regional sales manager
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Sarah shao
Regional Sales Manager
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Cindy Guo
Regional sales manager
Company Description
Renac power focuses on R&D and manufacturing home energy storage system and on-grid inverters with smart management technology to realize digitalized smart energy solutions for residential and commercial projects. By the combination of digital technology and PV technology, Renac could provide reliable solutions for micro grid, energy IOT, intelligent energy O&M solutions.
Business Details
Component Types
Inverter, Storage System
Storage System
Category: On-grid, Off-grid
Technology: LFP
Type: On-grid
Power Range (kWp): 1-80
No. of Known Sellers Inverter 5 Sellers


  • N1 HL Series
    3 ~ 4.5 kW Hybrid
  • R1-Mini
    1.1 ~ 3.68 kW On-Grid
  • R1 Macro Series
    4.4 ~ 8 kW On-Grid
  • R3 Note Series
    4.4 ~ 16.5 kW On-Grid
  • R3 Pro Series
    22 ~ 33 kW On-Grid
  • R3 Plus Series
    55 ~ 88 kW On-Grid
  • R1 Moto Series
    7.7 ~ 10.44 kW On-Grid
  • R3 Pre Series
    11 ~ 27.5 kW On-Grid

Storage Systems

  • PowerCase
Example Installers Using This Brand
Company Updates
13 Apr 2021 RENAC released a new series of inverters R3 Pre series 10~25 kw using the latest power electronics technology and thermal design to increase the maximum DC input voltage from the original 1000V to 1100V.
Company News
Last Update: 6 Jul 2021