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Carrer Vila de Madrid, 32, 46988, Paterna, Valencia
Spain Spain

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Company Description
At a time when there were hardly any companies in the solar photovoltaic market at European level, Techno Sun entered the sector and developed the strength and quality of service that has made it a leader in the distribution of specialised solar photovoltaic material.

Since 1976, Techno Sun has been focused on providing stand-alone power where the grid did not reach and developed a long history of reliability and professionalism that enabled it to tackle the burgeoning grid-connected market at the highest level.

As a distributor, Techno Sun has been selected by the most important manufacturers in the sector, providing its customers with a range of top-level photovoltaic modules.

With a focus from its inception on the European level, Techno Sun has a leading Spanish and European presence, as well as customers all over the world including Africa, Saudi Arabia and Latin America. As wholesale distributors, Techno Sunís market has always been wholesale distribution, selling to installers, architects, department stores, and large electrical production companies, thanks to our commercial network.

Techno Sun has a great commitment to environmental protection, and therefore has joined the Agenda 2030, an initiative of the European Union where through a series of objectives the fight for a better world.
Business Details
Minimum Order Volume (€) 150
Service Coverage Europe
Established Date 1976-05-12
Languages Spoken English, Spanish
Seller Products


  • 0.356 / Wp
    Vertex TSM-DE1...
    Trina Solar Monocrystalline
  • LG NeON® 2 60c...
    LG Electronics Monocrystalline
  • HIT VBHN-285-2...
    Panasonic (Sanyo) Monocrystalline
  • Eclipse SRP-30...
    Seraphim Solar ... Monocrystalline
  • TallMax TSM-PE...
    Trina Solar Polycrystalline
  • TallMax TSM-DE...
    Trina Solar Monocrystalline
  • Vertex TSM-DE1...
    Trina Solar Monocrystalline
  • Vertex S TSM-D...
    Trina Solar Monocrystalline
  • HIT Kuro N320-...
    Panasonic (Sanyo) Thin film


  • 0.220 / Wp
    X1-Hybrid HV (...
    SolaX Power Hybrid
  • X3-Hybrid HV
    SolaX Power Hybrid
  • FXR/VFXR E-Ser...
    OutBack Power Hybrid
  • X3-50K-TL / X3...
    SolaX Power On-Grid
  • X3-Max (Three ...
    SolaX Power On-Grid
  • X3-Hybrid HV (...
    SolaX Power Hybrid
  • X1-Boost 3.0-5.0T
    SolaX Power On-Grid
  • SOFAR 3.3-12KT...
  • HYD 5K-20KTL-3PH
    SOFARSOLAR On-grid,Off-grid
  • PLENTICORE plu...
    Kostal Solar Hybrid
  • X1-AC
    SolaX Power Hybrid
  • 1Play TL U M
    Ingeteam Power ... On-Grid
  • Sun 3Play TL M...
    Ingeteam Power ... On-Grid
  • Sun 3Play 160TL
    Ingeteam Power ... On-Grid
  • Sun 3Play 100TL
    Ingeteam Power ... On-Grid
  • Sun 1Play TL M...
    Ingeteam Power ... On-Grid
  • Smart Energy C...
    Huawei Technolo... On-grid,Off-grid
  • X1 Boost
    SolaX Power On-Grid
  • X1 Air
    SolaX Power On-Grid
  • MultiPlus 800V...
    Victron Energy Off-Grid

Storage Systems

  • 5.63 / Wp
    US2000B Plus, ...
    Pylon Technologies On-grid
  • US2000C-5000
    Pylon Technologies Intelligent
  • Phanton- S
    Pylon Technologies Standalone
  • US3000
    Pylon Technologies Intelligent
  • Powercube X1-H...
    Pylon Technologies Standalone
  • UP2500
    Pylon Technologies Standalone
  • 12.8 & 25.6 Vo...
    Victron Energy Standalone
  • Battery-Box Pr...
    BYD On-grid
  • BYD Battery-Bo...
    BYD On-grid
  • RESU7-10H 400V
    LG Chem On-grid
  • RESU3.3-13 48V
    LG Chem On-grid
  • BYD Battery-Bo...
    BYD On-grid

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