Spire Corporation

Spire Corporation

Address: One Patriots Park, Bedford, MA 01730-2396. USA
Phone: +1 781 2756000
Fax: +1 781 2757470
No. Staff: 300
Equipment Types:
Cell Turn-Key Production Line, Cell Sorter, Cell Tester
Panel Turn-Key Production Line, Panel Solar Simulator, Glass Cleaner, CTS, Laminator, Assembly Line, Ribbon Cutter, Lay-up Station, EL tester
Thin-film Panel Turn-key Production Line
Parent Company: Spire Corporation
No. of Known Customers:

Definition of No. Known Customers:

ENF has a PV market research department that conducts expert interviews through the telephone with over 1,000 solar ingot, wafer, cell and panel manufacturers each year, which is clearly better coverage than any other research firm. We collect a great deal of detailed data from each company for our market research reports – including details of what solar production equipment their factory uses and what material brands they use. We also co-operate with equipment and material companies to understand who their customers are – but those customers are only counted officially when the ingot/wafer/cell/panel manufacturer themselves have confirmed usage of that brand.

So the number showing is the number of ingot/wafer/cell/panel manufacturers that have clearly stated to us that they use that equipment or material brand. We are not saying that this is the absolute total number of customers they have – however it is a helpful indicator of the size/popularity of the brand. Finally it should be mentioned that the majority of companies we interview tell us what equipment and materials brands they use, so these numbers are based on excellent coverage of the market.

Tabbing/Stringing: 14 Customer(s) , Laminator: 13 Customer(s) , Framing Machine: 12 Customer(s) , Inspecting/Testing: 45 Customer(s) , Panel Turn-Key Production Line: 8 Customer(s) , Etching Equipment: 1 Customer(s) , Inspecting/Testing: 4 Customer(s)
Additional info
Spire Corporation is a leading global solar company providing turnkey solar module, cell and thin film factories and solutions as well as individual capital manufacturing equipment to feed the rapid expansion in the market worldwide. For over 35 years, Spire’s turnkey factory solutions have been comprehensive and allowed new and experienced customers to rapidly enter and ramp to full production without concern for start up or ramp difficulties. Applying its expertise in materials technologies across all product lines, Spire has a rich heritage of utilizing science and research to develop leading edge products that generate renewable energy and deliver advanced solutions to businesses around the world.

Spire offers a comprehensive package that ensures success in Photovoltaics. The Turnkey Approach includes state-of-the art equipment and key technical advice that ensures the workforce is expertly trained and the final products pass the rigorous certification process. In addition, Spire provides finished designs – including facility planning and layout, factory automation, and module design services – and complete material and vendor lists. Spire also passes on the critical embedded process knowledge that allows you to produce products of the highest quality and sell into the most lucrative markets.

Spire's experience is based in years of active research and includes expertise in module production solutions for crystalline and thin film modules, solar cell production, and production of concentrate cells at our own Gallium Arsenide foundry.

We invite you to discover why over 90% of solar manufacturing companies include Spire equipment and expertise in their turnkey solar production lines.

The Spi-Assembler unloads solar cellsfrom stacks and aligns their edges using an aligner. Tab material is fed fromreels, coated with flux, cut to length, and provided with a stress-relief bend.

The Spi-Assembler can process a varietyof solar cell sizes and shapes. The number of cells per string, cell spacing,the ribbon length, the stress bend location, and the soldering parameters aresoftware programmable. Each completed string is automatically placed in a tray.

Bloopers & Stringer : Spi-Assembler 6000
Technical Specifications:
Solar Cell Geometry: square, rectangular, pseudo-square
Solar Cell Dimensions: up to 210x210 mm (8x8 inches)
Interconnect Ribbon: 2 ribbon (standard); 3 ribbon (optional)
Max String Length: 200cm (78.7 inches)
Dimensions (w/o Layup Station): 213x587x244 cm (84x231x96 inches)
Dimensions (w/ Layup Station): 366x589x244 (144x232x244 inches)
Equipment Net Weight: 1500 kg (3300 lbs)
Utility Requirements: Electricity – 220VAC, 50A, 50/60 Hz, three phase
  Compressed Air Pressure – 500-700 kPA (80-100 psi)
Compressed Air Flow – 480 l/min (17 scfm)
Certifications: EC
Sort : Spi-Cell Sort

The Spi-Cell Sorter™ sorts photovoltaic cells according to their electrical performance, tested under simulated sunlight.

The Spi-Cell Sorter™ contains a pulsed xenon lamp with an optical filter that provides a close match to the Air Mass 1.5 Global solar spectrum. The spectrum meets the highest International and ASTM specifications (ASTM E927 Class A).The system features automatic cell handling of coin stacked cells and sorts the tested cells into ten output bins.

A computer with user-friendly software adjusts the lamp intensity, controls the measurement process and cell handling, and acquires cell performance data. The data, as a full I-V curve, allows sorting by a variety of selectable criteria. The computer plots the I-V curve and displays a variety of cell characteristics Curves and data can be printed and stored on disk.

Technical Specifications:
Solar Cell Dimensions: up to 210x210 mm (8x8 inches)
Light Source: 1 kW pulsed xenon arc lamp, filtered to AM 1.5
Global spectrum (ASTM E927)
Intensity range – 70 to 110 mW/cm2
Illumination uniformity: +/- 2% over 156x156mm area
+/- 3% over 210x210mm area
Equipment Dimensions: 345x191x196 (136x70x77 inches)
Equipment Net Weight: 910 kg (2000 lbs)
Utility Requirements: Electricity – 200-240 VAC, 40A, 50/60 Hz, single phase
Compressed Air Pressure – 550 kPA (80psi)
Certifications: EC
Solar Simulator: Spi-Sun Simulator 4600SLP

The Spi-Sun Simulator is a PV module testing system that can test crystalline or thin film modules under simulated light. It is available in 4 different models that are all available with the Quality Assurance option.

Spi-Sun Simulator™ photovoltaic module testing systems feature light sources that closely match the solar spectrum while avoiding the excessive solar cell heating caused by continuous sources. Spire's simulators can test either crystalline or thin film modules and can be integrated into your fully-automated module production line, or operated in manual mode. In automatic mode, a programmed process sequence provides consistent module testing and offers optional automated loading and unloading of modules. In manual mode, the controls can be operated as desired.

The Module QA tester is an integrated automation system that allows for efficient module alignment, transport, probing and testing. The Module QA option adds high voltage isolation, ground continuity testing, automatic labeling of modules, and automated load and unload of modules

Technical Specifications:

**dependent upon size/type of simulator, please see http://www.spirecorp.com/spire-solar/solar-manufacturing-equipment/test-module-performance/spi-sun-simulator.php for more information.**

Certifications : CE

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