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Building 29, 30, Huahui Zhigu Science Industrial Park, No. 17 Garden Road, Guanyinshan Street, Chongchuan District, Nantong, Jiangsu
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Jiangsu Evergreen Solar New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, with marketing centers and manufacturing bases in Nantong and Yangzhou. It has wholly-owned subsidiaries such as Nantong Yongtong Transportation Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. and Nantong Yongaotong International Trade Co., Ltd. Company focuses on the research and development, design, production, and sales of household photovoltaic support systems, industrial and commercial photovoltaic systems, fixed ground support and BIPV systems, photovoltaic mobile information vehicle systems, and photovoltaic lighting systems. After years of rapid accumulation and development, the company has developed from a domestic photovoltaic module frame and photovoltaic support OEM processing plant to a photovoltaic support system overall solution provider integrating R&D, design, production, and service. Relying on the company's strong communication system research and development capabilities and production and processing capacity, the company has become a high-quality supplier of photovoltaic mobile information vehicle systems in China, and the photovoltaic support system can better meet the safety, convenience, and economy of the installation.

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Mounting System
Mounting System
Type: Ground, Roof, Carport, Farming
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产品型号 Productstype OYSFAN-40F-DC

产品颜色 Productcolor Whiteorblue(availabletocustomerrequest)

工作电压 Ratedvoltage DC12V

最大工作电流 maxoperatingcurrent 3.25A

风扇档位 Fangear 3block

扇叶片数 Numberofblades 5pcs

扇叶尺寸 Fanleafsize 16inch

送风方式 Airsupplymode Fixed+shakeyourhead

供电方式 Powersupplymode solar

电源接口 Powerinterface DC3.5 interface

太阳能组件电压 Solarpanelvoltage DC18-20V

太阳能组件功率 Solarpanelpower 120W

开关类型 Switchtype pianotype

电气安全等级 Electricalsafetygrade Ⅲ 适用气候类型 Applicableclimatetype N/ST/T(Temperate/subtropical/tropicalzone)

外形尺寸 Externalsize D430mm×H1300mm 包装尺寸(纸箱)Packagingsize(carton) D450mm×H1320mm 出厂报价 EXW:¥390.00(55/Unit)

报价说明:本报价含税、不含运费。 Quotation Description: 1.the our price includes tax, not include freight. 2.The quotation is adjusted with the international currency exchange rate change.

Photovoltaicairconditioningusesthedirect current generated by photovoltaic power generation to drive the DCmotor, which drives the compressor to run, so as to achieve refrigeration; when the sunlight is weak enough for the compressor to use, it is converted to the grid power supply mode to supplement the power. Photovoltaic airconditioning uses DC low-voltage power supply, and a DC compressor uses solar panels to charge the battery to directly supply power,soastoreduceDC/AC(DC/AC)inverter conversion link, and improve power efficiency. In case of rainy days, the battery will continue to provide energy for the air conditioner.

Roof Mounting Systems
Carport Systems
Ground Mounting Systems
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Mounting Systems

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    Adjustable Leg...
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    Steel Ground M...
  • 0.017 / Wp
    Tile Roof Moun...
    Pitched Roof
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