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A database of companies that manufacture solar components that are required for a functioning grid-connected or off-grid solar power system. Please select the solar components that you are interested in. For solar panels, check here.

Company Name  RegionNo. StaffComponent Types
Solar FirstChina China350
Mounting System, Tracker, Solar System
Empery SolarChina China200
Mounting System
Zhejiang Geya ElectricalChina China
Storage System, Charge Controllers, Combiner Box
Super SolarChina China50
Mounting System, Solar System, Inverter, Storage System
Corigy EnergyChina China226
Mounting System
Xiamen 9Sun Solar TechnologyChina China2,200
Mounting System
TSUNChina China
Inverter, Storage System, Solar System
Foshan Geco Renewable EnergyChina China200
Mounting System
Xiamen Huge Energy TechnologyChina China208
Mounting System, Solar System
HoymilesChina China570
Goomax EnergyChina China1,500
Mounting System, Solar System
Kehua TechChina China4,000
Storage System, Charge Controllers, Converter, Inverter
Prostar SolarChina China320
Storage System, Inverter, Charge Controllers
RadiantChina China250
Mounting System
East GroupChina China1,388
Storage System, Charge Controllers, Inverter
INVT SolarChina China3,000
Inverter, Monitor, Storage System, Charge Controllers, Solar System
Huayu New Energy TechnologiesChina China760
Inverter, Storage System, Data Logger
SRNE SolarChina China400
Charge Controllers, Inverter, Solar System
Sungrow Power SupplyChina China2,000
Storage System, Charge Controllers, Inverter, Mounting System, Monitor, Data Logger, Combiner Box
Company NameSeriesTypePower RangeEfficiencyWarrantyPrice Per Wp
Prostar Solar Wall Mounted...Off-Grid0.5~6 kW98 %2 Years€0.0622 / Wp
Huayu New Energy Techn... HY-500/600/8...Micro-inverter0.5~1.6 kW96.3~96.5 %25 Years€0.132 / Wp
SRNE Solar HF4850S80Hybrid4.2 kW----€711 / Wp
Hoymiles MI-500/600/7...Micro-inverter0.5~0.7 kW96.7 %25 Years€0.165 / Wp
Grandglow New Energy Grandglow TL...On-Grid1~10 kW97.1~98 %5 Years€0.0529 / Wp
Lux Power Technology LXP-HB 3K-5K...Hybrid3~5 kW97.5 %5 Years€0.180 / Wp
Envertech EVT560Micro-inverter0.56 kW95.6 %25 Years€0.268 / Wp
Plus Power PP-180-8000Off-Grid0.18~8 kW90 %--€0.0556 / Wp
Zhejiang Carspa New En... SK3000Off-Grid--89~90 %2 Years€0.0336 / Wp
Shenzhen Pulansi Techn... GI-6KWOff-Grid6 kW92 %1 Year€0.0493 / Wp
Fabrimex ASP DominoOff-Grid0.675~1.3 kW93~94 %2 Years€0.562 / Wp
Evolve Energy Group Sunny Tripow...On-Grid20~25 kW98.3~98.4 %5 Years€0.050 / Wp
Crtron CK4000Off-Grid4 kW--2 Years€0.219 / Wp
Garnde Solar Energy Pure Sine In...Off-Grid0.6 kW94 %2 Years€0.0471 / Wp
RunDa Energy SUN2000-175K...--99.02 %--€0.0267 / Wp
CoHeart Power On Grid tie ...On-Grid8 kW98.3 %5 Years€0.0534 / Wp
UPNE-TECH PUS-800WOff-Grid0.6 kW86~90 %2 Years€0.0815 / Wp
MOSO ST10/12/15/1...On-Grid--98.2 %5 Years€0.080 / Wp
Wuxi Thinkpower New En... S3600-5000TLOn-Grid3.6~5 kW97.5~97.8 %5 Years€0.0854 / Wp
Dongguan Runlin New En... GTB-450Micro-inverter0.45 kW95 %--€0.168 / Wp
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Company NameSeriesTypeTilt AngleWind LoadWarrantyPrice Per Wp
Xiamen Huge Energy Tec... Roof Solar M...Pitched Roof0-30 °216 km/h15 Years€0.028 / Wp
Empery Solar Ground Solar...Ground Mount0-60 °216 km/h15 Years€0.040 / Wp
Solar First Fixed Tilt S...Flat Roof10-60 °216 km/h10 Years€0.0285 / Wp
Super Solar Super Solar ...Pitched Roof0-30 °216 km/h12 Years€0.0226 / Wp
Corigy Energy Tin Roof Sol...Pitched Roof0-60 °216 km/h10 Years€0.00847 / Wp
Radiant PV-TerrainRa...Ground Mount0-45 °151 km/h10 Years€0.0841 / Wp
Foshan Geco Renewable ... Aluminum Sol...Carport Mount--144 km/h15 Years€0.124 / Wp
Goomax Energy Single Row C...Carport Mount----12 Years€0.0843 / Wp
Davinsolar Aluminium Alminum Allo...Pitched Roof--133 km/h10 Years€0.0399 / Wp
Landpower Solar Ballasted So...Flat Roof5-45 °216 km/h10 Years€0.0284 / Wp
Photons Solar Ground Mount...Ground Mount0-60 °216 km/h10 Years€0.0329 / Wp
Grace Solar GS Carport P...Carport Mount--151.2 km/h10 Years€0.0699 / Wp
ShareSun Photovoltaic ... BIPVBIPV--160 km/h10 Years€0.0554 / Wp
Tripsolar Floating Mou...Floating Mount0-15 °216 km/h15 Years€0.146 / Wp
Xiamen Universe New En... Ground Mount...Ground Mount5-60 °216 km/h10 Years€0.055 / Wp
Minde Aluminium Solar sharin...Ground Mount0-45 °216 km/h12 Years€0.0565 / Wp
Solarun Solar SR810Flat Roof5-60 °216 km/h10 Years€0.0539 / Wp
Xiamen Rineng Solar En... RN-3A Carbon...Ground Mount0-60 °216 km/h10 Years€0.0367 / Wp
Enerack Pole Mountin...Ground Mount0-40 °198 km/h15 Years€0.141 / Wp
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