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ENF Solar is the world’s most popular solar website, attracting more industry customers who are serious about buying.

Basic listings on ENF Solar are Free of charge. Customers find your company by clicking on the Company Directory page and then clicking the category of the product or service they want (Production Equipment, Solar Components, etc.) and then clicking the sub-category. While this helps customers find the product or service they want, will they find you?

Let these customers see your company first so they go directly to your ENF profile page, or even your own company website. Customers will find your company quickly and easily with our Company Directory Annual Advertising Packages.

Customers will find you quickly and easily
Upgrade to a premium template which features a background auto-play video showing off your factory, a miniaturised navigation bar and a more spacious template layout. With even the navigation bar changing and the big visual focus on the video background – your importance on the site will be immediately clear, and will have a big impact in customers’ minds.
Enhance your company profile page with additional text and photo to emphasise key advantages to potential customers.
Enhance your company profile page by promoting your best products with pictures, descriptions of key features and data tables.
Your company’s name, logo and company profile page link appear on top of the product sub-category page, giving your brand great exposure. More importantly, customers looking for your type of product can easily see your company and are likely to click on the link before going to the alphabetical companies list; they can also play your company video directly from here.
Your company’s name, logo and company profile page link appear on the category page. This gives your brand excellent exposure and, most importantly, customers can access your company profile page without having to go to the sub-category page. They can also play your company video directly from here.
Banners are an excellent promotional tool and develop familiarity and trust for your brand. Banners on ENF mirror the sub-category product and so get a much higher click rate than those on other internet sites, and all banner customers receive a Google Ad Manager invitation with an advertising client account to see the page views and click-through-rate (CTR) for their banner. Customers who click on your banner are taken directly to your company website.
A Sub-category Banner rotates your large (940*90) banner at the top of the sub-category page, making your company stand out from other companies selling your exact product type.
Having your large banner rotate in the category page places your company in a premium position. There is only one large banner per page so your company stands out clearly, making a very strong, prestigious impression.
Your company’s large banner will be displayed on your competitors’ free company profile pages and rotate across the companies that appear in the same sub-category list as you. Clients searching for products you offer will see your banner and consider your company over your competitors.
Rotating your large banner across all non-booked pages throughout the website provides a high number of additional banner displays for your company, greatly increasing company exposure.
Boost sales with a product video put together by ENF’s video editing team. We can highlight your product’s key benefits by transposing the message with insightful images of your product and production line. This video enhances your company profile page on ENF and can also be displayed on your company website.
Your product video will be rotated as a featured product in the sub-category page, a powerful way to promote your product to people who are searching the list of companies for that product.
Your product video will appear on the category page. This premium, prestigious position is just one click away from the homepage, allowing more customers to find it and view it.
Your product video will rotate among the free profile pages of your competitors and can be directly viewed, so many visitors researching your competitors will see your product’s promotional video.
ENF’s extensive coverage of the solar industry means we have highly valuable data. We can provide extensive customer lists for your sales team’s use (these are general company data, not named contacts); we provide the data in Excel so you can easily manipulate it for your use, such as creating calling lists or importing the data into your existing CRM system.
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