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A database of companies that manufacture materials used in the production of solar photovoltaic panels, cells, ingots and wafers. Please select the solar materials that you are interested in.

Company Name  RegionNo. StaffMaterial Types
Allesun New Energy Vietnam108
Lightway Solar China550
QC Solar China720
Cutting Liquid, Connector, Copper Cable, Si...
Sunlike Solar China150
Company NameSeriesTypeDimensionsPower RangeEfficiencyPrice Per Wp
Hershey-Power 156.75-POLY-...Polycrystalline156.75×156.75 mm4.47~4.67 Wp18.3 ~ 19.1 %€0.0672 / Wp
Allesun New Energy SSC-156.75MMonocrystalline156.75×156.75 mm4.69~4.89 Wp19.2 ~ 20 %€0.0936 / Wp
East Solar Energy Multi-156.75...Polycrystalline156.75×156.75 mm4.2~4.64 Wp17 ~ 19 %€0.0984 / Wp
Topsky Energy 156.75*156.7...PERC156.75×156.75 mm4.33~5.28 Wp17.8 ~ 21.6 %€0.107 / Wp
Lightway Solar LWM5BB-PERC-...PERC156.75×156.75 mm5.033~5.47 Wp20.5 ~ 22.5 %€0.0978 / Wp
Sunlike Solar M156B5 PERCPERC156.75×156.75 mm5.13~5.47 Wp21 ~ 22.4 %€0.0774 / Wp
Shine Earth (Fujian) N... 156.75PERC-1...PERC156.75×156.75 mm5.03~5.38 Wp20.6 ~ 22 %€0.085 / Wp
BQ Solartech MOMO PERC CE...PERC156.75×156.75 mm5.3 Wp21.7 ~ 21.8 %€0.0978 / Wp
Bright Solar Energy BSE-P156.75/...Polycrystalline156.75×156.75 mm4.62 Wp18.8 ~ 18.9 %€0.0609 / Wp
Yingfa Solar YF 18.80%APolycrystalline156.75×156.75 mm4.63 Wp18.80 % %€0.0553 / Wp
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Company NameModelTypeThicknessTensile StrengthLight TransmittancePrice
Feiyu EVA White EVA...Fast Cure0.5 ~ 0.6 mm----€1.10/m2
ZXEVA Z1261 Ext...Ultra Fast Cure0.2 ~ 0.8 mm20 MPa≥91 %€0.765/m2
Feiyu EVA EVA film ...Ultra Fast Cure0.45 ~ 0.46 mm25 MPa≥91 %€0.782/m2
ZXEVA G1261 Tra...Fast Cure0.38 ~ 0.76 mm--≥91.5 %€1.07/m2
Feiyu EVA EVA Fast ...Fast Cure0.3 ~ 0.7 mm25 MPa≥91 %€0.782/m2
ZXEVA Z1261A UV...Fast Cure0.2 ~ 0.8 mm20 MPa≥91.5 %€0.774/m2
Fenghua Plastic S... FH-BFast Cure0.3 ~ 1 mm20 MPa≥91 %€1.10/m2
JCC JCC-105Fast Cure0.3 ~ 0.8 mm25 MPa≥91.5 %€0.850/m2
Feiyu EVA EVA Ultra...Ultra Fast Cure0.40 ~ 0.45 mm25 MPa≥91 %€0.782/m2
ZXEVA Z1261 Exc...Standard Cure0.30 ~ 0.80 mm25 MPa≥91 %€0.910/m2
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Company NameModelTotal ThicknessOuter(Air)LayerMid LayerInner(Cell)LayerPrice
UMTechnologies HF-300300±10CoatingPETCoating€3.90/m2
Guangzhou Risheng New M... ESUN-300ZP(Tra...300±5FEVEPET--€1.49/m2
Jingmao Technology EPE Isolation ...250±10PEVAPETPEVA€1.68/m2
Guangzhou Risheng New M... RS-200600±5FEVEPET--€2.81/m2
Jingmao Technology PPF 1500V JM32320±20PETPETFFC€1.23/m2
Jingmao Technology KPE 1500V JINGMAO360±20PVDFPETPEVA€1.32/m2
Jingmao Technology KPK 1500V Jingmao330±10PVDFPETPVDF€1.91/m2
Jingmao Technology KPE 1000V Jingmao300±10PVDFPETPEVA€1.23/m2
Jingmao Technology black back she...280±4FFCPETFFC€2.42/m2
Jingmao Technology PPE 1500V Jingmao320±10PolyesterPETPEVA€1.15/m2
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