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Basic listings on ENF Solar, the world’s most popular solar website, are free of charge. Listing on ENF Solar is a great way to enhance your company’s reputation and access a great source of customer traffic, but is your product getting the exposure it deserves?

The most serious buyers access ENF Solar because they know that they can easily find the product they want. However, depending on the product, there can be more than 400 pages for a customer to go through! Which page is your product on? Will the customer find it?

Let these customers see your product first so they can go directly to you, dramatically increasing your enquiry rate. Customers will find your products quickly and easily with one of three Product Directory Annual Advertising Packages: Silver, Gold or Platinum.

Customers will find your products quickly and easily
Stand out and be seen by a huge number of customers looking for your product. Choose up to 3 products to highlight. All platinum advertisers are given top positioning for these products, so they receive the most views. This is the absolute premium position which greatly increases the number of enquiries.

Note: Products starting prices must be provided.

Your products (up to 3) will be positioned just below the platinum advertisers, so your products will receive many more views and enquiries than products in lower positions.

Note: Products starting prices must be provided.

Your products (up to 3) will be positioned just below the gold advertisers and will receive more views and enquiries than products in lower positions.

Note: Products starting prices must be provided.

Having your products listed in different parts of the website gives great exposure, and this feature puts you in the top 10-20 products listed on relevant company directory category pages. This helps attract customers searching in the company directory rather than the product directory. The most popular tables also appear on the ENF homepage, giving the most prestigious exposure.

Note: Products bulk selling starting prices must be provided; If there are many platinum subscribers for a particular product then gold subscribers will not appear in these tables.

Your product will be featured on the ENF homepage—the most prominent, prestigious position on the website. Platinum advertisers’ products are randomly rotated to appear in the ‘Featured Products’ box, in a prime location near the top of homepage. It is highly visible, and customers can immediately access your product page.
Stand out from other companies on the product list page with a brief description highlighting key points about your product. This helps customers see your listing, and, more importantly, encourages them to click through to your product profile page to find out more. The description is limited to 50 words so you can attract them—not overwhelm them!
The same text highlighting key points about your product on the List Page Promotion will also appear at the top of your product profile page in the description box.
Attract more customers with text and pictures that detail the key features of your product. The more information potential customers have about your product, the more likely they are to buy. Customers are extremely hesitant to make expensive purchases from companies they have never dealt with, so help them get to know your company and increase your sales.
Increase sales with videos featuring the products you have selected to appear high up in the product directory. ENF’s video editing team will create your videos using proven, effective techniques to highlight the products’ benefits. The videos can be played directly from the product list, making it easy for customers to learn more about your products. The videos will also be on your product profile page, your company profile page and can be displayed on your company website.
Your featured products will appear in a prime position on competitors’ non-advertising product profile pages. For competitors who have not purchased a Product Directory Advertising Package, there is an ‘Alternative Product’ box in the upper right hand corner of their product profile page, and this is where your product will be seen on the most relevant competitors’ pages.
If you are a paid Product Directory advertiser, the box in the upper right corner of your product profile page appears as a ‘Description’ box - not an ‘Alternative Product’ box. This stops competitor products from appearing on your product page.
Customers can normally send their product enquiry to both the manufacturer as well as all the local sellers in their country who carry your product. You can deactivate enquiries going to local wholesalers if you choose; this allows you to have more control over your product sales and supply chain operations.
You receive credits each month that allow you to access customers who send enquiries to your competitors about a product type you sell. A lead list shows exactly what product the customer wants, how large their proposed order is and what country they are in. With this information, you can contact customers best suited to your products and make them a competitive offer. We only share the information about an enquiring customer with a maximum of three manufacturers to ensure your offer will be noticed.
You will have access to our Google Analytics account to see any statistics you want, such as whole site traffic trends or how many page views or visitors your pages have received. This allows you to see which advertising features best promote your company and products; it also confirms everything you have heard about how popular the ENF Solar website is.
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