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Over 52,700 solar industry subscribers!

ENF launched its popular solar industry newsletter in 2011 – sending free valuable market insights to solar professionals.

Through ENF’s E-alert service you will be able to send your exclusive HTML email directly to the inbox of the key people you need to target.

Because subscribers know your message is supporting this valuable free newsletter, and because we ensure users get far more newsletters than adverts – your message will be received in good spirits.

ENF sends two newsletters each week to its 52,700 subscribers:

Company Newsletter

Shows the latest companies entering the solar industry, and upcoming industry events.

Product Newsletter

Helps buyers keep their finger on the pulse with the latest market prices of solar components and materials.

The content of ENF’s newsletters is only of interest to solar professionals – unlike competitor news-focused mailings which attract equal interest from amateur enthusiasts and students. This audience focus brings higher value to your business and better return on investment.
The breakdown of our newsletter subscribers is as follows:
Job AreaPercent
Middle East7%
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Advertising options

Your email will be an exclusive message in full-colour HTML format. By sending it through the leading email service provider; we ensure it arrives in their inbox and not their spam folder. You can also send us the email in different languages as we track each subscriber’s preferred language.

Banner€1,250 for 2 banners

Place a large 750*300 banner in the top advertising space in our newsletter. Only one banner can appear in each newsletter, ensuring your promotion stands out.

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