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Charge Controller Solar Charge Controller Manufacturers

Companies involved in Charge Controller production, a key component of solar systems. 516 Charge Controller manufacturers are listed below.

Company Name  RegionNo. StaffTechnology TypeNo. of Known Sellers
Sungrow Power SupplyChina China2,0001
MorningstarUnited States United StatesMPPT, PWM319
Zhejiang Geya ElectricalChina ChinaMPPT
Company Name     Region No. Staff Technology Type No. of Known Sellers
A.E Electrical Lighting and Manufacturing ZimbabweZimbabwe
ABi-Solar United StatesUnited States MPPT 2
Able Solar New ZealandNew Zealand MPPT, PWM, Other
ACE IndiaIndia MPPT, PWM
Aditya Solar IndiaIndia
AERL AustraliaAustralia 8 MPPT 4
Affordable Energy Solutions NigeriaNigeria MPPT, PWM
AIMS Power United StatesUnited States MPPT, PWM 1
Airkom Electronics IndiaIndia MPPT
Albat Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and Herzegovina MPPT, PWM
Allsemi Solutions IndiaIndia
Alpha Tech Energy Solutions IndiaIndia MPPT, PWM
Altronics AustraliaAustralia MPPT
Ametek Prestolite Power United StatesUnited States
Amon Solar IndiaIndia MPPT, PWM
Amplec ChinaChina MPPT, PWM
Analytic Systems CanadaCanada MPPT
Anson Electric Technology ChinaChina MPPT, PWM
Apex IndiaIndia MPPT, PWM
Apollo Solar United StatesUnited States MPPT 12
Arise India IndiaIndia 5,000 PWM
Arrid Power (AUST) AustraliaAustralia MPPT
Arrow Power Controls IndiaIndia PWM
ARVI IndiaIndia MPPT
Atersa SpainSpain MPPT 2
AWP United StatesUnited States MPPT
Axiomatic CanadaCanada Other
B&B Power ChinaChina 650 MPPT
Baiying High-Tech ChinaChina 200 MPPT, PWM
Baykee ChinaChina MPPT
BBN Solution IndiaIndia MPPT, PWM
Beijing Epsolar ChinaChina 300 MPPT, PWM 167
Beijing Multifit Electrical Technology ChinaChina MPPT
Beijing Prostar International Electric ChinaChina 320 MPPT, PWM 4
Beijing Remote Power Solar ChinaChina 100 MPPT, PWM 2
Beijing Tianzhu Solar Energy Technology ChinaChina PWM
Bekar Europe GermanyGermany MPPT
BGS TurkeyTurkey
Biglux ChinaChina MPPT, PWM
Billion Power ChinaChina MPPT, PWM
Bioenno Power United StatesUnited States
Blue Sky Energy United StatesUnited States MPPT, PWM 54
Bluesun Solar Energy Tech. ChinaChina MPPT, PWM 1
Bogart Engineering United StatesUnited States PWM 3
BR Solar ChinaChina 158 MPPT, PWM
BRF ChinaChina PWM
Bwitt ChinaChina MPPT
Capsol Solar Energy Systems and Trading UAEUAE MPPT
CBE ItalyItaly
Centralion Industrial TaiwanTaiwan 1,500 MPPT
Cetesolar ChinaChina Other
Changzhou Eagle Solar Technology ChinaChina
ChanPower ChinaChina PWM
Chengdu Vodasi Electronics ChinaChina MPPT
Cixi Caiyue Photovoltaic Technology ChinaChina MPPT, PWM
Clear Blue Technologies CanadaCanada
Cnsolarwind ChinaChina MPPT, PWM
CoHeart Power ChinaChina 68 PWM
Computronix IndiaIndia
Conpo Power Tech ChinaChina MPPT, PWM
Constant Technology ChinaChina 200 MPPT, PWM
Copex Solar UAEUAE MPPT, Other
Cosuper Energy ChinaChina MPPT, PWM
CRG Solar ChinaChina 100 PWM
Crtron ChinaChina MPPT, PWM
CSPower Battery ChinaChina 1,000 MPPT
Cypress Semiconductor United StatesUnited States MPPT
Daidongs KoreaKorea Other
Deltran United StatesUnited States
Denryo JapanJapan 16 PWM 2
Depowersupply ChinaChina MPPT, PWM
Deutsche Power GermanyGermany MPPT
Devang Solaar IndiaIndia
DGIT ChinaChina,ltd ChinaChina 36 MPPT
Digimax Innovative Products TaiwanTaiwan MPPT
Digital Solar Technologies United StatesUnited States PWM 1
Dongeiecos KoreaKorea 35
Dongping Tai Energy ChinaChina MPPT
Dontek Electronics AustraliaAustralia Other
DPE Solar TurkeyTurkey 75
DPI United StatesUnited States MPPT
Dragons Breath United KingdomUnited Kingdom MPPT, PWM
Drow Enterprise TaiwanTaiwan
DS New Energy ChinaChina
Duc Diam Trading Services VietnamVietnam
E-Solar AustraliaAustralia 12 1
EAPL IndiaIndia MPPT
Eapro Global IndiaIndia MPPT
East Group ChinaChina 1,388 MPPT 2
Eastman Auto and Power IndiaIndia 1,200 MPPT, PWM 1
Easun Industrial ChinaChina MPPT, PWM
Eco Energy CanadaCanada PWM
Eco Epicsolar IndiaIndia PWM
Eco Green Energy ChinaChina 100 MPPT, PWM 1
Ecosolar Powertek KoreaKorea MPPT
EL Rongchang Group Manufactures ChinaChina 200 MPPT, PWM
Elecdan Converter FranceFrance MPPT
Electro Dacus IndiaIndia MPPT
Eload Power Equipment ChinaChina MPPT