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Charge Controller Solar Charge Controller Manufacturers

Companies involved in Charge Controller production, a key component of solar systems. 607 Charge Controller manufacturers are listed below.

Company Name  RegionNo. StaffTechnology TypeNo. of Known Sellers
Garnde Solar EnergyChina ChinaMPPT, PWM
HeliosNEChina ChinaMPPT, PWM
Company Name  RegionNo. StaffTechnology TypeNo. of Known Sellers
3Hz SolarChina ChinaMPPT, PWM
Abest SolarChina ChinaMPPT, PWM
Ace-Tech Solar ProductsPhilippines PhilippinesMPPT, PWM
Aditya SolarIndia India
Advance ElectronicsIndia IndiaMPPT, PWM
AERLAustralia AustraliaMPPT5
Agni Power & ElectronicsIndia IndiaMPPT
AIMS PowerUnited States United StatesMPPT, PWM4
Ajay SolarIndia India150MPPT, PWM
Alan test 111Germany Germany
AlbatBosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and HerzegovinaMPPT, PWM
Alkatel SolarChina ChinaMPPT, PWM
Alpha Tech Energy SolutionsIndia IndiaMPPT, PWM
AM Power SystemsUnited States United StatesOther
AmazeIndia India
Amberroot SystemsIndia IndiaMPPT, PWM
Ammini SolarIndia IndiaPWM
Amon SolarIndia IndiaMPPT, PWM1
AmplecChina ChinaMPPT, PWM
Ampolt Electronics IndiaIndia IndiaMPPT
AmptronAustralia AustraliaMPPT, PWM
AmsineChina ChinaMPPT
Analogics TechIndia India500MPPT
Analytic SystemsCanada CanadaMPPT
Anhui Yine TechnologyChina ChinaMPPT
Anson Electric TechnologyChina ChinaMPPT, PWM
Apex GreenIndia IndiaMPPT, PWM
APNA Global IndustriesIndia India
AsadalChina ChinaMPPT
AshaPower®India IndiaMPPT
AtersaSpain SpainPWM4
Atess Power TechnologyChina China180MPPT
Avaneesh TechnosoftIndia IndiaOther
Azuma SeisakushoJapan Japan64PWM
BaykeeChina ChinaMPPT
Beijing EpsolarChina ChinaMPPT, PWM115
Beijing Multifit Electrical TechnologyChina ChinaMPPT, PWM
Beijing Tianzhu Solar Energy TechnologyChina ChinaPWM
Benbro ElectronicsAustralia Australia
BGSTurkey TurkeyMPPT
Bioenno PowerUnited States United StatesMPPT
BiruBattIndonesia IndonesiaMPPT
BKECzech Republic Czech RepublicMPPT
Bluesun Solar Energy Tech.China ChinaMPPT, PWM1
Bogart EngineeringUnited States United StatesPWM3
Bonjour SolarChina ChinaMPPT
BOU New Energy TechnologyChina ChinaMPPT1
BR SolarChina ChinaMPPT
BradpowerIndia IndiaPWM
Bren-TronicsUnited States United States
Bright SolarChina ChinaPWM
Bright TechIndia IndiaMPPT, PWM
Bruhat EnergyIndia IndiaMPPT, PWM
Büttner ElektronikGermany Germany
BwittChina ChinaMPPT
Caibo Solar TechnologyChina ChinaOther
Cakraland New EnergyChina ChinaMPPT, PWM
Capstone ElectricalsIndia India
CaterpillarUnited States United States107,7001
CBEItaly ItalyMPPT
CDPUnited States United States200MPPT
CelestaIndonesia IndonesiaMPPT
Centurion SystemsSouth Africa South AfricaPWM
CFLBChina China100
Changzhou SuperEn New Energy TechnologyChina ChinaMPPT, PWM
Cheerly PowerChina ChinaPWM
China National Building Material Group CorporationChina ChinaMPPT, PWM
CircutorSpain Spain60
Cixi Caiyue Photovoltaic TechnologyChina ChinaMPPT, PWM
CleanFizzSwitzerland Switzerland
Clear BlueCanada CanadaPWM
CnsolarwindChina ChinaMPPT, PWM
CoHeart PowerChina China68MPPT, PWM
ComputronixIndia IndiaOther
Conpo Power TechChina ChinaMPPT, PWM
Consnant TechnologyChina China50MPPT, PWM
Cosuper EnergyChina ChinaMPPT
CyberPowerUnited States United StatesMPPT
DaxieworldChina China1,000MPPT, PWM1
Devang SolaarIndia IndiaMPPT, PWM
DidisolarChina ChinaMPPT, PWM
DigisineTaiwan TaiwanMPPT
Digital SolarIndia India
Distinct SolarIndia IndiaMPPT, PWM
DMD Optoelectronics TechnologyChina ChinaPWM
DP ElectronicsGermany GermanyMPPT
DPE SolarTurkey Turkey
DS New EnergyChina China
E-Lion ElectronicsChina ChinaPWM
E-SharpIndia India100MPPT, PWM
Easun PowerChina ChinaMPPT, PWM
EcenerChina ChinaMPPT
Eco EnergyUnited States United StatesPWM2