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Charge Controller Solar Charge Controller Manufacturers

Companies involved in Charge Controller production, a key component of solar systems. 625 Charge Controller manufacturers are listed below.

Company Name  RegionNo. StaffTechnology TypeNo. of Known Sellers
Sungrow Power SupplyChina China6,0001
Garnde Solar EnergyChina ChinaMPPT, PWM
Jinan Deming Power EquipmentChina China200MPPT, PWM
Inti PhotovoltaicsSpain SpainMPPT4
Company Name  RegionNo. StaffTechnology TypeNo. of Known Sellers
Quantum Power ConversionsIndia IndiaMPPT, PWM
R&P MühendislikTurkey TurkeyMPPT
RAGGIE PowerChina China100MPPT, PWM
ReckonIndia IndiaPWM
RekoserSpain SpainMPPT, PWM
Reliable Solar EnergyChina ChinaMPPT
Remote Power SolarChina China100MPPT, PWM, Other
RenergyTaiwan TaiwanMPPT, PWM
RenogyUnited States United StatesMPPT, PWM
Restar Solar EnergyChina ChinaPWM
Reverie SolarIndia IndiaMPPT
Rexsen Science & TechnologyChina ChinaMPPT
Rich ElectricTaiwan Taiwan100MPPT, PWM
RICH SOLAR INCUnited States United StatesMPPT, PWM1
Rihengli IndustrialChina ChinaMPPT
RIPE­nergySwitzerland SwitzerlandMPPT
Risin EnergyChina China50MPPT, PWM
Royal India SolarIndia India
Royal PowerCanada Canada
Royalstar Electronic ApplianceChina ChinaMPPT, PWM
RTPLIndia India20MPPT, PWM
S-Creation TechnologyChina ChinaMPPT
S. R. ElectronicsIndia India15PWM
S. S. Solar EnergyIndia IndiaPWM
S.G Solar WorldIndia IndiaMPPT
SacolarChina ChinaMPPT
Samlex AmericaCanada CanadaPWM7
Sandi ElectricChina China98MPPT, PWM
SC PowerChina China50MPPT
Schams-ElectronicsGermany GermanyMPPT2
Schneider ElectricFrance FranceMPPT77
ScientekHong Kong Hong KongMPPT, PWM
SCUChina ChinaMPPT
Servotech Power SystemsIndia IndiaMPPT
SES Flexcharge USAUnited States United StatesPWM1
Shanghai Pvsys New EnergyChina ChinaMPPT, PWM
Shangshuo New EnergyChina ChinaMPPT, PWM
Shaoxing Holt New EnergyChina ChinaMPPT, PWM
Shenzhen Fast TechnologyChina ChinaMPPT, PWM
Shenzhen Golden Highway TechnologyChina ChinaPWM
Shenzhen Purance TechnologyChina ChinaMPPT, PWM
Shenzhen Sole Energy TechnologyChina ChinaPWM
Shenzhen YTX PowerChina ChinaMPPT
Shenzhen Yuyang New EnergyChina China
Shoushanxinda TechnologyChina ChinaPWM
Si Clean EnergyAustralia AustraliaMPPT1
SIASPLIndia India125MPPT
Sigineer PowerChina ChinaMPPT
Sinox PowerIndia IndiaPWM
Skytech Embedded ElectronicsIndia IndiaPWM
SkyvilleNigeria NigeriaMPPT1
SLV Power SolutionsIndia IndiaMPPT
Smarten Power SystemsIndia IndiaMPPT, PWM1
SmartEnergy Electronic TechnologyChina ChinaMPPT
SMC New Energy TechnologyChina ChinaMPPT
Smile Optoelectronics TechnologyChina ChinaMPPT, PWM
SMK SolarChina China150MPPT, PWM2
SMSNigeria NigeriaMPPT, PWM1
SnatermChina ChinaMPPT, PWM
SnEBangladesh Bangladesh
Sohigh Solar TechnologyChina ChinaMPPT, PWM
Solaer New EnergyChina China200MPPT, PWM
Solar AsiaPakistan PakistanPWM
Solar IdeaIndia IndiaPWM
Solar Powertech SolutionsIndia IndiaMPPT, PWM
Solar VoltaicMalaysia MalaysiaOther
SolaraGermany Germany200PWM, Other2
SolarcGermany GermanyMPPT
SolarfamNetherlands Netherlands600MPPT, PWM1
Solarland USAUnited States United StatesMPPT, PWM
SolarSynthesis™United States United StatesPWM
SolartecArgentina ArgentinaPWM1
SolenerSpain Spain
SolidChina ChinaMPPT, PWM
SoliswattChina China
SollatekUnited Kingdom United KingdomPWM1
SoltronicGermany Germany15MPPT
SopowerChina ChinaMPPT
SORO ElectronicsChina China300MPPT
South Sunlight Solar TechnologyChina ChinaPWM
Specialty ConceptsUnited States United StatesPWM7
Spj Solar TechnologyIndia IndiaPWM, Other
SRNE SolarChina China400MPPT, PWM24
Statcon PowtechIndia IndiaMPPT
StecaGermany Germany650MPPT, PWM119
Sterling Power ProductsUnited Kingdom United KingdomMPPT, PWM
Stevens Water Monitoring SystemsUnited States United States
StrukturcomSerbia SerbiaMPPT
StuderSwitzerland Switzerland60MPPT43
SUG New EnergyChina ChinaMPPT, PWM
SUIIndia India
Sun Pacific PowerUnited States United States
Sunbird EnergyChina ChinaMPPT, PWM
SunChongLicChina ChinaMPPT, PWM
Sundak Solar SolutionsIndia IndiaMPPT
Sunergy TechChina China50-100MPPT, PWM1