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Charge Controller Solar Charge Controller Manufacturers

Companies involved in Charge Controller production, a key component of solar systems. 625 Charge Controller manufacturers are listed below.

Company Name  RegionNo. StaffTechnology TypeNo. of Known Sellers
Sungrow Power SupplyChina China6,0001
Garnde Solar EnergyChina ChinaMPPT, PWM
Jinan Deming Power EquipmentChina China200MPPT, PWM
Inti PhotovoltaicsSpain SpainMPPT4
Company Name  RegionNo. StaffTechnology TypeNo. of Known Sellers
Drow EnterpriseTaiwan TaiwanPWM
DS New EnergyChina China
DurapowerChina ChinaMPPT
E-Lion ElectronicsChina China
E-SharpIndia India100MPPT, PWM
Eapro GlobalIndia IndiaMPPT1
EastPVChina ChinaPWM
Easun PowerChina ChinaMPPT, PWM
EcenerChina ChinaMPPT
Eco EnergyUnited States United StatesPWM2
EcoSourcesChina ChinaMPPT, PWM
EcostarIndia IndiaMPPT
EECO InstapowerIndia India
EFI ElectronicsIndia IndiaMPPT, PWM
EL Rongchang GroupChina China200MPPT, PWM
Elecdan ConverterFrance FranceMPPT
Electro DacusIndia IndiaMPPT
Electro Magnetic SystemsIndia IndiaMPPT, PWM
Electronics & Controls Power SystemsIndia IndiaMPPT
Electrower TechnologiesIndia IndiaMPPT, PWM
Elemac EnergyChina ChinaMPPT
ElettrografItaly ItalyPWM
Eload Power EquipmentChina ChinaPWM
EltekNorway Norway2,000MPPT1
EMI InfratechIndia IndiaMPPT, PWM
Emmanuel ElectronicsIndia IndiaMPPT, PWM
EMPO-NIGermany Germany
EnerdriveAustralia AustraliaPWM3
Energor TechnologyChina ChinaOther
Energy PowerEcuador EcuadorMPPT, PWM
Energy ResearchNetherlands NetherlandsMPPT
Energywin TechnologiesIndia IndiaMPPT
EnerTech UPSIndia India70MPPT
Ensko SolarChina ChinaMPPT, PWM
ESG New Energy TechnologyChina ChinaMPPT, PWM
EshiaSpain SpainMPPT
ESPLBangladesh Bangladesh
Ethan Energy SolutionsIndia India10MPPT, PWM
Eton TechChina ChinaMPPT
EverestIndia India450MPPT
EverExceedChina China1,200
Everon Energy SystemIndia IndiaMPPT, PWM
Evolve India SolarIndia India50
Exodus PowerUnited States United StatesMPPT
Eyesky New EnergyChina China150MPPT
F Choice Solar Tech IndiaIndia IndiaMPPT, PWM
Fadi SolarChina ChinaMPPT
FEEOChina ChinaPWM2
Felicity SolarChina China500MPPT, PWM1
Fida InternationalSingapore SingaporeMPPT, PWM
Finetech SystemsIndia IndiaMPPT
Firefly SolarChina ChinaMPPT, PWM
First Wind Turbine ManufacturingChina ChinaMPPT
Flin EnergyIndia IndiaMPPT
FortunerIndia IndiaMPPT, PWM, Other
FoxpowerChina ChinaMPPT, PWM1
Full-Sunshine EnergyChina ChinaMPPT
FurrionUnited States United StatesMPPT
Further PowerChina ChinaMPPT, PWM
FushideChina ChinaMPPT, PWM
Future SolarUnited States United States50MPPT, PWM
G.M. IndustriesIndia IndiaPWM
Galaxy New EnergyChina ChinaMPPT
Gamko New EnergyChina ChinaMPPT, PWM
Gaoneng PowerChina ChinaMPPT
Gaoyuan ElectricChina ChinaOther
Garnde Solar EnergyChina ChinaMPPT, PWM
GdgreenergyChina ChinaMPPT
GEIE SolarIndia IndiaMPPT, PWM
Geltra TechnologiesIndia IndiaMPPT
Gennex TechnologiesNigeria NigeriaMPPT1
Genus InnovationIndia India500MPPT
Gesper EnerjiTurkey TurkeyMPPT
Glosun ElectronicIndia IndiaMPPT
Go Power!Canada Canada153
Goiás Energia SolarBrazil Brazil
Goland CenturyChina China30MPPT, PWM
Goldsource ElectricityChina ChinaPWM
Golen PowerChina ChinaMPPT, PWM
Good-IdealChina ChinaMPPT
GoogolTaiwan TaiwanMPPT, PWM
Gookir GlobalTurkey TurkeyPWM
Grandglow New EnergyChina China150MPPT, PWM
Grape SolarUnited States United StatesMPPT, PWM
Great EnergyChina ChinaMPPT
Green CellPoland Poland80MPPT
Green Power ProductsNigeria NigeriaMPPT
GreenciscoChina China800MPPT, PWM
GSL ElectronicsAustralia AustraliaMPPT, PWM3
GSL EnergyChina China
GSP BatteryKorea KoreaMPPT
GSPVChina China200PWM
Guangdong Namkoo PowerChina China300MPPT, PWM
Guangzhou HY EnergyChina ChinaPWM
Guangzhou Infinite Wind Power Generator ManufactureChina ChinaMPPT
Guanzhou Poojin ElectronicChina China130MPPT, PWM