Solar Trade Platform and Directory of Solar Companies

Transformer Solar Transformer Manufacturers

Companies involved in Transformer production, a key component of solar systems. 96 Transformer manufacturers are listed below.

Company Name     Region No. Staff Component Types
ABB ItalyItaly Transformer
ABC Transformers IndiaIndia Transformer
Algonics Systems IndiaIndia Transformer
Apollo Soyuz IndiaIndia Transformer
Augier FranceFrance Transformer
Beijing New Chuang Si Fang Electronic ChinaChina Transformer
Bright Manufactring United StatesUnited States Transformer
Brollo Siet ItalyItaly Transformer
CG BelgiumBelgium Transformer
Chongzhou Hengda Electronic ChinaChina 400 Transformer
Dongguan Guanghua Industry ChinaChina 300 Transformer
E.F.E. 66 FranceFrance Transformer
Eaglerise ChinaChina 2,100 Transformer
Eaton United StatesUnited States Transformer
Efacec PortugalPortugal Transformer
eGauge Systems United StatesUnited States Transformer
Elca ItalyItaly 30 Transformer
Elmas Magnetics IndiaIndia Transformer
EREA BelgiumBelgium Transformer
Esennar Transformers IndiaIndia Transformer
Eurostrutture ItalyItaly Transformer
Foshan Noah Electrical ChinaChina Transformer
Gaurav Transformers IndiaIndia Transformer
GEC Durham Industries United StatesUnited States Transformer
Grewin Technology ChinaChina Transformer
Guangdong NRE Technology ChinaChina 2,000 Transformer
Hainan Jinpan Electric ChinaChina Transformer
Hayonik BrazilBrazil Transformer
HPS CanadaCanada Transformer
Huizhou Yongjin Electronic ChinaChina 1,200 Transformer
Imefy SpainSpain Transformer
IREM ItalyItaly Transformer
ISMET GermanyGermany Transformer
Jiangsu Subian Transformer ChinaChina Transformer
Jinsheng Electric ChinaChina 87 Transformer
Kotsons IndiaIndia Transformer
Lamco Transformers IndiaIndia Transformer
Lianhua Transformer ChinaChina Transformer
LiYou Electrification ChinaChina 279 Transformer
Luoyang Xinghe Electric ChinaChina Transformer
Magnetic & Controls IndiaIndia Transformer
Marsons IndiaIndia Transformer
MCI Transformer United StatesUnited States Transformer
Mdexx GermanyGermany Transformer
Measurlogic United StatesUnited States Transformer
Meth ItalyItaly Transformer
MG IndiaIndia Transformer
Mylar Electronics TaiwanTaiwan Transformer
MYSolar ChinaChina 600 Transformer
Niagara Transformer United StatesUnited States Transformer
Ningbo Jinyuan Electricity ChinaChina Transformer
Ningbo Tian'an (Group) ChinaChina Transformer
Ningbo Wanji Electronics Science & Technology ChinaChina 1,200 Transformer
Noratel NorwayNorway Transformer
Norlake United StatesUnited States Transformer
Northern Transformer CanadaCanada Transformer
Olsun Electrics United StatesUnited States Transformer
Padmavahini Transformers IndiaIndia Transformer
Pioneer Transformers CanadaCanada Transformer
PME Power Solutions IndiaIndia Transformer
Power Star IndiaIndia Transformer
Powerel Enterprise ChinaChina Transformer
Powerone Micro Systems IndiaIndia Transformer
Powersmiths International CanadaCanada Transformer
Powtran ChinaChina Transformer
Prolec GE MexicoMexico Transformer
Raksan Transformers IndiaIndia Transformer
REO GermanyGermany Transformer
Revive South AfricaSouth Africa Transformer
RPV Elektrotechnik GermanyGermany Transformer
Satcon ChinaChina 1,000 Transformer
SDTL IndiaIndia Transformer
Shanghai Guanduo Electric ChinaChina Transformer
Shanghai InducTek Power Electronics Equipment ChinaChina Transformer
Shenzhen Click Technology ChinaChina Transformer
Shenzhen Yamaxi Electronics ChinaChina Transformer
Singfa Electronics ChinaChina Transformer
Sinoera Electronics ChinaChina Transformer
STS GermanyGermany Transformer
Sunrise Power Transformers GermanyGermany Transformer
Suzhou Toprun Electrical Equipment ChinaChina 150 Transformer
Synergy Transformers IndiaIndia Transformer
Tabuchi Electric JapanJapan Transformer
Tesla Transformers IndiaIndia Transformer
Trafomec ItalyItaly Transformer
Transformers & Rectifiers IndiaIndia Transformer
Trasfeco ItalyItaly Transformer
Trasfor SwitzerlandSwitzerland Transformer
Trasfostatik ItalyItaly 5 Transformer
Triad Magnetics United StatesUnited States Transformer
Trinity Cleantech IndiaIndia Transformer
Victron Energy NetherlandsNetherlands 75 Transformer
VTC/GT United StatesUnited States Transformer
Wenlida Power Supply ChinaChina Transformer
Wilson Power Solutions United KingdomUnited Kingdom Transformer
Xin Bo Electronics ChinaChina 300 Transformer