Featured Product (Mounting System)

ReySolar Metal Roof Mounting

ReySolar Metal Roof Mounting
From   $0.030 /Wp
From   $150 /20 Panels
  • Type:  Pitched Roof
  • Product Warranty:  10 Years
  • Tilt Angle:   --
  • Wind Load:   136.8 km/h
  • Snow Load:   153 kg/m 2
  • Supporting material:   Aluminium
  • Small parts:   Stainless Steel
  • Panel Orientation:   Portrait, Landscape
  • Panel Framing:   Framed, Unframed
  • Weight:  --

Featured Product (Mounting System)

Xiamen Corigy Energy CP-A Ground System

Xiamen Corigy Energy CP-A Ground System
From   $0.082 /Wp
From   $411 /20 Panels
  • Type:  Ground Mount
  • Product Warranty:  12 Years
  • Tilt Angle:   --
  • Wind Load:   216 km/h
  • Snow Load:   --
  • Supporting material:   Aluminium, Stainless Steel
  • Small parts:   --
  • Panel Orientation:   Landscape
  • Panel Framing:  
  • Weight:  --

  DEGERenergie GmbH

DEGERenergie GmbH

Address Industriestr. 70, D-72160 Horb am Neckar. Germany
Phone +49 7451 539140
Fax +49 7451 5391410
No. Staff
Component Types Mounting System, Tracker
Mounting Systems Ground, On-roof, Integrated
Axis Number 1, 2 Square meter max 70.6
No. of Known Sellers

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Tracker 34 Sellers , Mounting System 8 Sellers
Belgium , , ,
Canada , , , ,
Cyprus ,
Germany , , , , , ,
France ,
United Kingdom , ,
Greece , ,
Italy , ,
New Zealand
Poland ,
United States
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