Featured Product (Mounting System)

Fujian Newsunpower Energy Tech NSP-F76B-1600-T3 Ground screw for solar mounting system

Fujian Newsunpower Energy Tech NSP-F76B-1600-T3 Ground screw for solar mounting system
From   $0.015 /Wp
From   $148 /40 Panels
  • Type: Ground Mount
  • Product Warranty: 10 Years
  • Tilt Angle: 5-60°
  • Wind Load: 216 km/h
  • Snow Load: --
  • Supporting material:   Galvanized Steel
  • Small parts:   Aluminium
  • Panel Orientation:   Portrait, Landscape
  • Panel Framing:  
  • Weight:  --

Featured Product (Mounting System)

Xiamen Universe Solar Technology Galvanized Steel -ST1

Xiamen Universe Solar Technology Galvanized Steel -ST1
  • Type: Ground Mount
  • Product Warranty: --
  • Tilt Angle: --
  • Wind Load: 216 km/h
  • Snow Load: 143 kg/m 2
  • Supporting material:  
  • Small parts:   Stainless Steel
  • Panel Orientation:   Portrait, Landscape
  • Panel Framing:   Framed, Unframed
  • Weight:  --

  DEGERenergie GmbH

DEGERenergie GmbH

Address: Industriestr. 70, D-72160 Horb am Neckar. Germany
Phone: +49 7451 539140
Fax: +49 7451 5391410
No. Staff:
Component Types: Mounting System, Tracker
Parent Company: --
Mounting Systems Ground, On-roof, Integrated
Axis Number 1, 2 Square meter max 70.6
No. of Known Sellers:

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Tracker: 46 Sellers , Mounting System: 8 Sellers
Additional info
Since 1999, we have been consistently developing new ideas and concepts for the optimum use of solar energy through solar module tracking. We develop, build, produce, and service intelligent tracking systems for photovoltaic modules. We thus make this technology of the future more efficient and consequently, more economical. In doing so, we systematically minimize product development costs and pass these cost savings on to our customers. Despite the constantly changing competitive situation, we therefore create a clear advantage for our customers in an increasingly networked global economy.

Our company philosophy is driven by innovation and vision and supported by a special corporate culture that represent values for our company, employees, customers, and business partners.


TOPtracker® 40NT
Model No.
TOPtracker® 40NT
Nominal Output (depending on module type)
4,000-7,000 Wp
Module Surface
≤ 40 m2 (8.3 x 5.3 m)
Elevation Angle
30° (standard), 15° / 0° (optional)
Rotating angle East-West
+/- 45° max.
Operating Voltage
24 VDC
Stainless steel, Aluminium, Steel
Power consumption:
0.1 W (control mode), 12 W (with actuator)
Drive East-West
850 mm travel
Annual Internal Consumption
~2.5 kWh
Length of Mast Tube
4.0 m (standard), 5.0 m (optional)
Max. Permissible Wind Velocity
102-300 km/h
Weight (without mast/aluminium)
650 kg

Key Benefits:

  • Complete single-axis tracking system.
  • Record holder for efficiency in single-axis systems.
  • Additional 31 percent yield.
  • Optional services include insurance packages, financing concepts and extended warranty, as well as on-site service.
  • Patented control MLD (Maximum Light Detection) with MLD sensor, wind guard, foundation plan and assembly instructions.
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