Solar Battery Manufacturers

Companies involved in Battery production, a key component of solar systems. 392 Battery manufacturers are listed below.

Name Region Output Capacity (Ah) Technology No. of Known Sellers

ENF’s industry directory team have researched thousands of component wholesalers and distributors around the world, carefully recording which brands each seller is offering. As a general rule, the more sellers a company has the more popular it is likely to be. It is not a perfect measurement, as manufacturers will have different distribution models, however it is a useful indicator of the size/popularity of the brand.

FAAM Italy 2
Federal Batteries Australia GEL, AGM 3
Feilang Battery China 1.2-300 VLA, GEL, AGM, Lithium Ion
Felicity Solar  advertising company China GEL, AGM
Fence Master United States
Fengfan Battery China 12-2000
Fiamm   Reviews Italy VLA 32
FireBright1 China
First National Battery (FNB) South Africa 530-1660 VLA 5
Flying Power China 5.6-3000 VLA, AGM
Foshan Kemapower Electronics China GEL, AGM
Foshan Youni Battery China AGM
Fuhe Battery China 7-3000 GEL, AGM
Fullriver Battery   Reviews China VLA, GEL, AGM, Lithium Ion 31
Furukawa Battery Japan VLA, SLA 1
Future Solar China 7~600
Fuwei Energy China AGM, SLA
Gaston Battery Hong Kong VLA, GEL, AGM, SLA 2
Gehai New Energy China 7-3000 GEL, AGM
GEM Batteries India 20-150 1
Global Battery Korea GEL, AGM
Goldpower China
GP Battery China 3.5-3500 VLA, GEL
GP Electronic United Kingdom VLA, GEL, AGM, SLA
Greatbase Power China 3000 VLA, GEL, AGM, SLA
Greencisco Industrial China 7-3000 VLA, GEL
GS Battery United States 50-3000 AGM, SLA 2
GS PV China 12-250 VLA, GEL
GS Yuasa Japan 1.2-3000 SLA 20
Guangdong East Power China AGM, SLA
Guangzhou Helli Zhanchuang Electronic Technology China 1.2-200 GEL, SLA
Guangzhou Henda Battery China 24-600 GEL, AGM
Guangzhou Libotek Electronics China 7-3000 GEL, AGM, SLA
Guangzhou Tunto Green Power China SLA
Guangzhou XunTian Electronic Technology China 40-1000 GEL, SLA
Gulf Battery Saudi Arabia 80 - 600 VLA, AGM, SLA
Hanfong New Energy  advertising company China 24-200 SLA
Hawker   Reviews United States 20
Haze Battery United States GEL, AGM 23
HBL Power India 40-5000 VLA, GEL, AGM 1
Hebei King Star Power China 24-200 AGM
Heter Electronics China Lithium Ion
Himalaya Power China 18 - 3000 VLA, GEL
HiRate Energy Taiwan GEL
Hitaco Battery China GEL, AGM
Hong Kong Bi-Force Hong Kong 4-20 GEL, AGM
Hoppecke Batterien   Reviews Germany 69
Huafu Energy Storage China 8-3000 VLA 1
Huanyu Battery China VLA, GEL, AGM, SLA
Huanyu New Energy China
Hubei Camel Special Power China
Huizhou Wisdom Power Technology China 14-420 GEL
Hunan Yueer Solar Energy Technology China 24-3,000 GEL
HuP Solar-One United States 845-2490 1
IBC Solar   Reviews Germany 5
ICellpower Hong Kong AGM
Inci Akü Turkey 100-150 AGM
Interstate Batteries United States 8
IPAR Elektronika Spain 0.8-200 GEL
Jaje Solar China 4-250 GEL
Jiahua Battery (Ruijin) China GEL, AGM
Jiangsu E Motors China
Jiangsu Frey New Energy China
Jiangsu Haidesen Energy China GEL, AGM
Jiangsu Oliter Energy China 100-3000 GEL, AGM
Jiangsu Shuangdeng China 1
Jiangsu Smile Optoelectronics Technology China 38-80 GEL
Jiangsu Sokoyo Solar Lighting China 60,65,70,80,90,100,120,150,180,200,250 VLA, GEL, AGM
Jiangxi HengLi Technology Battery China GEL
Jinan Shangming Energy Technology China AGM, SLA
Jinjiang Huawei Power Source China 4.5-3000 AGM
Jiuhua New Energy Technology China 17-200 GEL
Jua Energy China Lithium Ion
Jumpoo Power Source Technology China 24-200 VLA, SLA
Junxy Energy Hong Kong 4-3000 VLA, GEL, AGM
Just China 12-200 GEL, AGM
Just solar China 250 VLA, GEL, AGM, Lithium Ion
JYC Battery Manufacturer China 12-3000 GEL
Kanglida Electronic Power China 0.8-2,000 VLA, GEL, AGM, SLA
KingSako China 7-200 VLA, GEL, AGM, SLA
KNUBIX Germany
Kokam Korea
Koyosonic China 9-3000 GEL, AGM 3
Kstar China
Kweight Technology China GEL 1
Lead Crystal Battery China 4-3000 GEL, AGM, SLA
Leclanché Switzerland 1
Leoch International Technology China VLA, GEL, AGM, SLA 12
LG Chem Korea Lithium Ion 1
LiFe Tech Energy Taiwan 1
Logik Brazil 2 - 3000 VLA, GEL, AGM, SLA
Long Time Electronic Taiwan 150 AGM
LongWay Battery Manufacturing China 1.2-3000 GEL, AGM, SLA
Luminous Power Technologies India 20-200 3
Manbat United Kingdom GEL, AGM
Marathon Batteries India GEL 1
Maybatt Poland 7-3000 GEL, AGM
MCA Battery China 1-3000 VLA, GEL, AGM, SLA 1
McNair China
MDeng Battery China 7-250 GEL, AGM

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