Solar Battery Manufacturers

Companies involved in Battery production, a key component of solar systems. 393 Battery manufacturers are listed below.

Name Region Output Capacity (Ah) Technology No. of Known Sellers

ENF’s industry directory team have researched thousands of component wholesalers and distributors around the world, carefully recording which brands each seller is offering. As a general rule, the more sellers a company has the more popular it is likely to be. It is not a perfect measurement, as manufacturers will have different distribution models, however it is a useful indicator of the size/popularity of the brand.

MDeng Battery China 7-250 GEL, AGM
Midac Italy 7
Minhua China 4-3000 GEL, AGM
MK United States GEL, AGM 33
Modulteq Germany
Motolite Philippines 40-200 2
Mottcell China 10-500
Mustups Power China 24-250 GEL, AGM
Nanhai Sinon China 4-3000 GEL, AGM
Nanjing Pengtu Power China 0.02-30
Narada Storage China 4-3000 VLA, GEL, AGM, SLA, Lithium Ion
NBA Italy GEL 1
Neata Battery China 20-250 SLA
NEC United States Lithium Ion
Ned Energy India 8-2000 VLA
Neosun Energy Hong Kong 100-260
Neovoltaic Austria 1
Neutron Battery Philippines 0.5 - 3000 VLA, GEL, AGM
Newmax Battery  advertising company Korea 28-2000 VLA, GEL, AGM, SLA 2
NGK Insulators Japan
Nice People Power Corporation China 4-800 GEL
Nokta Solar Enerji Turkey GEL
NorthStar United States 14
NPP Power China 1.2-3000 GEL
NRG Technologies South Africa VLA, GEL, AGM
O2Micro United States
OE China Lithium Ion
Oerlikon Batterie Switzerland 110-1550
OGRE Energy United States 9 - 110 AGM
Open Group China
OPTIMA Batteries United States AGM 18
OptimumNano China 5-1000 VLA, GEL, AGM, SLA 1
Orema Power China 1-3500 GEL, AGM
OutBack Power United States VLA, GEL, AGM 35
Ouyad China 1.2-200 GEL
OzCharge Australia 245-335 GEL, AGM 1
Panasonic Corporation (Sanyo)   Reviews Japan 14
Panda Battery Technology China VLA, GEL, SLA
PBQ Netherlands 3-3000 GEL, AGM 2
PCE UPS Canada 4.5-200 GEL
Peimar Italy 65-200 AGM
Phaesun Germany AGM 2
Plus Power China 0.8-3000
PNTech China
Power-Sonic United States VLA, GEL, AGM, SLA 21
Powergor China 1.5-3000 GEL, AGM
Powersafe Brazil VLA, AGM, SLA 2
Prostar Solar Energy China GEL 2
PTPL  advertising company China GEL
PV Kits Direct United Kingdom VLA, GEL, AGM
Q3 Energie Germany 20-80 1
Quanzhou Singlang Electric Technology China VLA, GEL, AGM, SLA
R & J Batteries Australia 140-248
Realforce Enterprises China
Relink Malta 15
ReneSola China GEL 1
Rich Solar China
Ritar Power China 0.8-3000 GEL, AGM 28
Rolls Battery Engineering Canada 106-3426 AGM 97
Rolls Battery Europe United Kingdom AGM 15
Rottweiler Power China 50-3000 GEL
Roy Solar China VLA, SLA
Rozon Batteries Canada GEL, AGM
S. P. Electronics India
S.C. Poland
Sacred Sun Power Sources China 3.5-3000 GEL, AGM 5
Saft   Reviews France 5
Saite Power Source China 4-3000 GEL, AGM 1
Sakthi Electronics India 10 - 210
SBB China 33-3000 GEL
Shaanxi Defei New Energy  advertising company China 8-400
Shaanxi Lingyun Electronics Group China GEL, AGM
Shanghai C&D Battery China VLA, SLA 1
Shanghai Churui Energy Technology China
Shaoxing Huitong Battery China 7-3000 VLA, GEL, AGM
Shenzhen AROSI Equipment China 2-2000 VLA, AGM, SLA
ShenZhen Eagle Battery China 1.2-250 SLA
Shenzhen Erdeli Energy Technology China
Shenzhen Firstpower China 18-3000 GEL 3
Shenzhen Just Real Power Tech China
Shenzhen Leadhoo Battery China 1.2-250 GEL, AGM
Shenzhen Matrix Battery China 1.2-200 GEL, AGM 1
Shenzhen Motoma Power China 1.5-3000 VLA, GEL, AGM, SLA, Lithium Ion
Shenzhen Must Power  advertising company   Reviews China 7ah to 3000 VLA, GEL, AGM, SLA
Shenzhen Napel Power Tech China 1.3-300 GEL, AGM
Shenzhen New Power Industry China 1.2-3000 GEL, AGM
Shenzhen O’CELL Technology China 90 - 3000
Shenzhen Power Kingdom China 0.8-3000 GEL 2
Shenzhen PowerOak Newener China
Shenzhen South Sunlight Solar Technology  advertising company China GEL
Shenzhen Tuosi Innovation Technology China 20 Lithium Ion
Shenzhen XYC Electronic China 50-3,000 GEL, AGM
Shin-Kobe Electric Machinery Japan 50-200 SLA
Shri Dhar Energy India
Simek Power Service Pakistan VLA
Sinopoly Battery China 40-1000 3
Sinusstrom Germany
Smart Battery United States 7-300 Lithium Ion
Solar Converters Canada
Solar Energy Centre United Kingdom 1-3200 GEL, AGM

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