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Fimer S.p.A.

Fimer S.p.A.

Via J. F. Kennedy 26 - 20871 Vimercate (MB)
+39 039 98981
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Component Types
Inverter, Storage System, Data Logger, Combiner Box
On-grid, Off-grid
Power Range (kWp):
No. of Known Sellers
Inverter 139 Sellers, Storage System 9 Sellers, Monitoring System 7 Sellers



  • S4500-9000TL
    416 ~ 833 kW
  • R10015-11015TL
    980 ~ 1091 kW
  • S4700-9900TL
    467 ~ 990 kW Off-Grid
  • S4500-9000TL
    416 ~ 833 kW Off-Grid
  • S3750-7500TL
    345 ~ 690 kW Off-Grid
  • R2215-6615TL
    218 ~ 654 kW On-Grid
  • R35020TL
    3450 kW On-Grid
  • S7515-15015TL
    705 ~ 1410 kW On-Grid
  • S5515-11015TL
    512 ~ 1025 kW On-Grid
  • R27515L
    2750 kW On-Grid
  • R15615-18615L
    1244 ~ 1555 kW On-Grid
  • R3015-15015TL
    296 ~ 1498 kW On-Grid
  • R7715-8815TL
    760 ~ 872 kW On-Grid
  • R1500-2500TLI
    147 ~ 240 kW On-Grid
  • R1015-1415TL
    80 ~ 120 kW On-Grid
  • R7515-1115TL
    60 ~ 90 kW On-Grid
  • S3750-7500TL
    345 ~ 690 kW On-Grid
  • R20000TLI
    2000 kW On-Grid
  • R5010-10000TLI
    512 ~ 1025 kW On-Grid
  • R7200-9000TLI
    708 ~ 885 kW On-Grid
  • R6800-7500TLI
    660 ~ 735 kW On-Grid
  • R4500-6000TLI
    441 ~ 588 kW On-Grid
  • R3000-3750TLI
    294 ~ 365 kW On-Grid


New Zealand
San Marino
Sint Maarten
Sri Lanka

Example Installers Using This Brand

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San Marino
Sint Maarten

Company Updates

12 Nov 2020

FIMER teams up with Custom Solar UK to install the country's 6.5MW commercial rooftop solar array. The solar system is being unveiled today (November 11th) at the Port of Hull.

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