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Zhuhai Initial Entropy Energy (IEE) Co., Ltd.

Zhuhai Initial Entropy Energy (IEE) Co., Ltd.

4th Floor, Building 1, No.66 Keji 1st Rd, Tangjiawan Town, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai, Guangdong, 519080
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Company Description

IEE Co.,Ltd is an innovative manufacturer of energy-storage solutions for both residential & commercial use, including PV inverters, energy-storage inverters, portable power station, off-grid inverters and lithium battery pack. Meanwhile, we’re also provider of Cloud-based energy monitoring system, through which our products can be connected to Internet and communicate with each other.

Business Details

Component Types
Inverter, Storage System
Storage System
On-grid, Off-grid, Standalone
LFP, Li-poly, Hybrid
On-grid, Off-grid, Hybrid, Micro-inverter
Power Range (kWp):



  • Singo1000
    2 kW
  • RV3000S-A
    3 kW
  • RV4000D-A
    0.4 kW
  • RH4048D-A
    4 kW Hybrid
  • RH5048D
    5 kW Hybrid
  • River-Bato Ser...
    3.68 ~ 5 kW Hybrid
  • River-Hybrio S...
    3 ~ 5 kW Hybrid
  • Singo
    0.8 ~ 2 kW Hybrid
  • SR700-A
    0.66 kW Micro-inverter
  • SR350-A
    0.33 kW Micro-inverter
  • Steam Series
    0.33 ~ 0.66 kW Micro-inverter
  • LA8000D-A
    8 kW Off-Grid
  • Singo600-120V-A
    1.2 kW Off-Grid
  • Trio5000P-A
    5 kW Off-Grid
  • Trio Series
    3 ~ 5 kW Off-Grid
  • RV6000D
    6 kW On-Grid
  • LA10000D
    10 kW On-Grid
  • RH3048D-A
    3 kW On-Grid
  • RV5000D-A
    6 kW On-Grid
  • RB3648-A
    4.5 kW On-Grid
  • RV2000S-A
    2 kW On-Grid
  • River Series (...
    4 ~ 6 kW On-Grid
  • Lake Series
    8 ~ 12 kW On-Grid
  • River Series
    2 ~ 3 kW On-Grid
  • Singo2000-120V...
    2 kW On-Grid, Off-Grid

Storage Systems

  • Xpack/ Xstack ...
  • Battery
  • Stack

Company Updates

10 Sep 2021

IEE inverters are designed with easy plug for GPRS/WiFi module and PLC kit, by which the inverters can be connected to internet. This allows users to remotely monitor the system through web portal or smartphone

9 Sep 2021

IEE's Trio5000P/Trio3000/Trio5000 Series are high efficiency pure sine wave inverter. It is an off-grid inverter with the high power MPPT inbuilt. Max parallel connection up to 9 units to set as 45KVA system.

8 Sep 2021

IEE's Portable Storage Inverter, is with an LPF battery built inside to ensure safety. Bi-directional inverter that supports AC fast charging within 99mins to full capacity.

7 Sep 2021

With its compact and wall-mounted design, our energy storage battery could save your home space, also, multiple protection functions could ensure a service life up to 10 years.

6 Sep 2021

IEE's RH3048D/RH4048D/RH5048D is 3KW/4KW/5KW hybrid storage inverter, the operating MPPT voltage range is 210-440Vdc, and the nominal AC voltage range is 187-270Vac. They are high quality with CE/ABNT cert.

3 Sep 2021

Our RB3648/RB5048 is a high quality AC coupled storage inverter, with excellent output capability, it is 10% over power support for 10s. Firmware can be upgraded via USB flash disc.

2 Sep 2021

With excellent output capability, IEETek's three phase grid-tied PV inverter could be capable of being grid-interactive or grid-independent. UPS function with 10 ms automatic switchover.

1 Sep 2021

IEE's grid-tied single phase dual MPPT PV inverter has 4kw/5kw/6kw, it enhances dynamic MPPT algorithm to get accurate and real-time MPP tracking. IP65 protection could ensure superior water proof performance.

31 Aug 2021

IEE's grid-tied single phase one MPPT PV Inverter is with high efficiency up to 97.5%. Connecting for GPRS or WIF module to achive Remotely monitoring at anytime and anywhere through web portal or mobile APP.

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