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KACO New Energy GmbH

KACO New Energy GmbH

Werner-von-Siemens-Allee 1, 74172 Neckarsulm
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Germany Germany

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Jan Dujesiefken Sales Representative
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Sales Sales
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Kornelia Lauser Head of Global Marketing

Company Description

We turn passion into powerKACO new energy, as a medium-sized company with dedication and a passion for research, stands for high quality engineering skills in the field of independent and decentralised energy supply. We implement projects with quality and commitment, and develop our products continuously. Since the end of April 2019, KACO new energy has been a subsidiary of Siemens AG.Within Siemens AG, KACO new energy is the specialist for power electronics for decentralised energy supply. As part of the Operating Company Smart Infrastructure, we benefit in particular from the exchange on topics such as building technology, electromobility and energy storage.

Business Details

Component Types
Inverter, Monitor, Data Logger, Combiner Box
On-grid, Off-grid, Hybrid
Power Range (kWp):
Parent Company
Siemens AG
No. of Known Sellers
Inverter 150 Sellers, Monitoring System 2 Sellers



  • Blueplanet 3.0...
    3 ~ 3.68 kW
  • Blueplanet gri...
    52 kW Hybrid
  • Blueplanet Hyb...
    6.6 ~ 11 kW Hybrid
  • Blueplanet 125...
    137.5 kW On-Grid
  • Blueplanet 50....
    52 kW On-Grid
  • Blueplanet 150...
    150 kW On-Grid
  • Blueplanet 137...
    137.5 kW On-Grid
  • Blueplanet 110...
    110 kW On-Grid
  • Blueplanet 92....
    92 kW On-Grid
  • Blueplanet 87....
    87 kW On-Grid
  • Blueplanet 50....
    52 kW On-Grid
  • Blueplanet 60....
    60 kW On-Grid
  • Blueplanet 105...
    99.9 kW On-Grid
  • Blueplanet Gri...
    92 kW On-Grid
  • blueplanet 3.0...
    3 ~ 20 kW On-Grid


United Kingdom

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Costa Rica
Dominican Republic
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Saudi Arabia

Business Details

Component Types
Parent Company
Siemens AG


KACO Inverters have a lot of important advantages: (1)They are configurable with many different types of panels and voltages. This is because the input voltage capacity is up to 800V DC (Type Xi). (2) The inverters have a 7-year warranty which not many manufacturers offer. Plus, after the warranty expires, they guarantee the repair won’t cost more than 400€! (3) The mounting is very easy because they offer a uniform fitting panel which makes it quick and safe. All inverters have protection class IP 54 which makes them suitable for outdoor use.

-- Josef Guggenblicher, Lambda GmbH & Co. KG

Good value for the money. High efficiency. Recommendable for on grid systems installers. 7 years warranty. Great range of products

-- Inventa Solar, SL.

They are very reliable inverters and they have very good technical service. In case there is any problem they send a technician to fix it in 24 to 48 hours.

-- Miguel , Termoecosol SL

This inverter has been used in many of our projects. it offers an excellent performance.

-- Ardelect

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