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REFU Elektronik GmbH

REFU Elektronik GmbH

Marktstraße 185, 72793 Pfullingen
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Germany Germany

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Achim Elmer Director Sales & Adminis...

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Setting new benchmarks with sustainable solutions - that’s the philosophy of the pioneer of the frequency converters. REFU Elektronik pursues it with every offered product, whether in drive, solar or hybrid applications. The company, founded in 1965, profits from its long experience and large expertise in power electronics and more than 250,000 inverters in th field.

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Component Types
Inverter, Monitor, Combiner Box, PV Fuse
Power Range (kWp):
Parent Company
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Inverter 38 Sellers



  • REFUstore 50-1...
    -- kW On-Grid
  • REFUsol 20K…33...
    20 ~ 33 kW On-Grid
  • REFUsol 50K-3T
    50 ~ 70 kW On-Grid
  • REFUsol 100K
    83.3 ~ 100 kW On-Grid

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South Africa
United Kingdom


We have been working with them since 2006 and installed more than 15 units within the last 3 years. Our experience with them is just outstanding in terms of product performance and support by its representatives. Excellent company with an excellent product.

-- Marcos , Alba Fotovoltaica, S.L.

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