Studer Innotec

Studer Innotec

Rue des Casernes 57, CH - 1950 Sion
+41 27 2056080
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Serge Remy

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Component Types
Inverter, Charge Controller, Converter
Power Range (kWp):
No. of Known Sellers
Inverter 114 Sellers, Charge Controller 51 Sellers, Converter 13 Sellers



  • AJ series 275-400
    0.275~0.4 kW Off-Grid
  • AJ series 2100...
    2.1~2.4 kW Off-Grid
  • AJ series 500-700
    0.5~0.7 kW Off-Grid
  • AJ series 1000...
    1~1.3 kW Off-Grid

Charge Controller

  • VarioTrack
  • VarioString


We like the signal output especially. It doesn’t have peaks, it doesn’t make noise and neither produces nor interferes with other electronic devices. The cooling fan is not noisy and is quite compact.

-- Sistemas Integrales de la Energía Solar S.L.L.

We use these inverters for off grid systems and we appreciate their quality a lot; they have very few breakdowns. The after sales service is very good.

-- , Aplitec Maestrat, S.L.

This inverter works very well. Im satisfied of the performance as well as the customer service.

-- Climatechnique Sarl

It was a recommendation from our distributor because it fit with the characteristics of our installations and we are really happy with them. Their performance has been good so far.

-- Amsolar

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