48th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation

48th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation

No. 1025, Xinkaipu Road, Changsha, Hu'nan
+86 187 74873337
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Grace Lee Sales Manager

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Equipment Types
Ingot Turn-Key Production Line, CZ Method, Life Time Analyser, Material Properties Analyser, Ingot/Block Vision Inspector, Resistivity Inspector, Polysilicon Tester, Ingot Cutting Machine, Ingot Grinding Machine
Wafer Turn-Key Production Line, Cutting Equipment, Silicon Recovery System, Wire Saws, Diamond Wire Saws, Ultrasonic Wafer Cleaner, Wafer Sorter
Cell Turn-Key Production Line, Chemical Management Equipment, Etching Equipment, Laser Etching Equipment, Liquid Flow-Management System, Plasma Etching Equipment, Power System and Gas/Liquid Flow-Management System, Texturing Equipment, Waste Gas Abatement, Wet Etching Equipment, Diffusion Furnace, Prediffusion Sprayer, Cell PECVD, Drying Furnace, Cell Sorter
Panel Turn-Key Production Line
Parent Company
China Electronics Technology Group Corporation

Company Updates

20 Feb 2018

CETC48' self R&D PERC equipment has sold to Suntech, Trina, Longgi, etc,and has the capability to offer turnkey solution to PERC cell productin line

19 Feb 2018

CETC48, a vertically integrated PV product(from ingot, wafer, cell to module) and PV euiqpment supplier, wish happy New Year to everyone

26 Dec 2017

Recently CETC launched 500MW new mono PERC production line with CETC own R&D PECVD, labser ablation, silk screen printing and diffusion furnace, the average eff. is over 21.5%

27 Oct 2017

Recently according to the evaluation by CIWEEKLY CETC ranks No.4 in China PV Industry

Last Update
23 Feb 2018