Diffusion Manufacturers - Cell Production Equipment

Companies involved in Diffusion machine production, a key piece of equipment for the production of solar cells. 52 Diffusion equipment manufacturers are listed below.

Company Name     Region No. Staff Equipment Types
Amtech Systems United States
Wafer Handling System, Diffusion Furnace
ATV Technologie Germany
Diamond Wire Saws, Diffusion Furnace
Beijing SolarRay Technology China
Diffusion Furnace, Firing Furnace
BTU International United States
Diffusion Furnace, Drying Furnace, Firing F...
centrotherm Germany 650
Diffusion Furnace, Cell PECVD, Firing Furna...
CETC48 China 3,000
Diffusion Furnace, Cell PECVD, Cell Sorter,...
Coherent United States 2500
Laser Etching Equipment, Doping, Cell Laser...
Conquest (Shanghai) Enterprise China
Waste Gas Abatement
Consarc United States
Diffusion Furnace
Despatch Industries United States
Diffusion Furnace, Drying Furnace, Firing F...
Dongguan Plasma Electronic Equipment China
Etching Equipment, Diffusion Furnace, Cell ...
Ebara Japan 15,170
Vacuum Pump for Diffusion, Vacuum Pump for ...
Edwards United States 3000
Vacuum Pump for Diffusion
Exact S.C China 1000
Ultrasonic Wafer Cleaner, Wafer Handling Sy...
Fortrend Engineering United States
Wafer Sorter, Diffusion Furnace, Doping, Ce...
Fullshare EP China 100
Wafer Tester, Diffusion Furnace, Cell PECVD
Goldliton Electronic Equipment China 120
Diffusion Furnace
HBI China
Diffusion Furnace, Cell PECVD, Panel Turn-K...
Huaqi Technology China 50
Float Zone Method, MCZ Method, Diffusion Fu...
Huayu Microelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. China
Diffusion Furnace, Cell PECVD, Thin-film PE...
Intevac United States 300
Doping, Cell PVD, Cell Sputtering, Cell Coa...
IPG Photonics United States
Laser Etching Equipment, Texturing Equipmen...
Jinan Liguan Electronic Technology China 60
Float Zone Method, DSS Method, Diffusion Fu...
Jonas & Redmann Germany 750
Wafer Sorter, Wafer Tester, Automatic Wafer...
Joysing Technology China 60
Diffusion Furnace
MRL Industries United States
Diffusion Furnace
NAURA Microelectronics China 3000
Texturing Equipment, Wet Etching Equipment,...
Orient Service Taiwan
Waste Gas Abatement
Osaka Vacuum Japan 200
Vacuum Pump for Diffusion, Vacuum Pump for ...
P & Tech China
Diffusion Furnace, Cell PECVD, Cell CVD
ProTemp Products United States 15
Diffusion Furnace
PVD Metallizer China 240
Vacuum Pump for Diffusion, Thin-film Sputte...
PVI United States
Diffusion Furnace, Thin-film Evaporation, T...
Qingdao Chenli Electronics China
Diffusion Furnace
Qingdao Fumeng China 50
Diffusion Furnace
Qingdao Mas Micro-Electronics China 140
Diffusion Furnace, Vacuum Pump for Diffusio...
Qingdao Share Microelectronics China 50
Diffusion Furnace, Cell LPCVD
Qingdao Yuhao Microelectronics Equipment China 100
Diffusion Furnace, Cell PECVD
Schmid Germany 1,000
Wafer Turn-Key Production Line, Ultrasonic ...
Screen Japan 5,422
Diffusion Furnace, Glass Cleaner, Thin Film...
Semco Technologies France 150
Wafer Polishing Machine, Plasma Etching Equ...
SierraTherm United States
Diffusion Furnace, Cell APCVD, Drying Furna...
Sono-Tek United States 50
Doping, Thin-film AR Coating
Sungjin Semitech Korea
Diffusion Furnace, Cell LPCVD
Sunred Electronic Equipment China 300
MCZ Method, DSS Method, Automatic Wafer Loa...
SVCS Process Innovation Czech Republic
Diffusion Furnace, Cell PECVD, Cell LPCVD
Taiko Kikai Industries Japan 384
Vacuum Pump for Diffusion, Vacuum Pump for ...
Tempress Systems Netherlands 300
Diffusion Furnace, Cell PECVD
Tetreon Technologies United Kingdom
Diffusion Furnace
TP Solar United States
Diffusion Furnace, Doping, Drying Furnace, ...
Ultech Korea
Wet Etching Equipment, Doping, Cell Evapora...
VAT ​Group Switzerland
Vacuum Pump for Diffusion, Vacuum Pump for ...