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SunMarica Renewables

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86/1F-A, Near Cosmafan Co India Foundry Complex, Manikampalayam, Karuvalur Road, Kovilpalayam
+91 90 87780888
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(S)maller Installations, 1(M)Wp+ Installations
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UAE, India

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Solar being a most promising and growing technology, we aim bringing these products to reach to its users, with the right customization to the requirement at affordable prices.

Sunmarica, a professionally engaged company offering products and services in the solar technology, to meet the energy conservations and renewable energy requirements in the local and international markets.

It is started by a team of professional entrepreneurs, having rich experience and exposure in the field and having a lot of passion to build a greener tomorrow. The founders, promoters and its associated consultants have successful track records in executing various prestigious projects across the nation.

Sunmarica, is strategically locally at Coimbatore, which is a manufacturing hub in South India, and it is well known for its resources, engineering & process industries.

Quality Policy: Sunmarica has a keen eye on its product and service quality. We give more preference to the quality, since it is very important to us and our customers. With our in house design and rich field experience we always offer right customized product to our customers, which makes us distinguished from others.

We always have a control tab on each and every part of our product, which ensures to qualify internationally and the product life.

Our Values: At Sunmarica, we believe in Quality, Standard and Innovation, with our high integrity, which results in customer good will and business reputation and its liability to choose SunMarica.
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