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Fronius International GmbH

Fronius International GmbH

Froniusplatz 1, 4600, Wels
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Austria Austria

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No. Staff

Business Details

Component Types
Inverter, Monitor
On-grid, Hybrid
Power Range (kWp):
No. of Known Sellers
Inverter 738 Sellers, Storage System 9 Sellers, Monitoring System 44 Sellers



  • Fronius Symo H...
    -- kW Hybrid
  • Fronius Symo G...
    3 ~ 10 kW Hybrid
  • Fronius Primo ...
    -- kW Hybrid
  • Fronius Galvo
    -- kW On-Grid
  • Fronius Symo
    3 ~ 20 kW On-Grid
  • Fronius Primo
    3 ~ 8.2 kW On-Grid
  • Fronius Eco
    25 ~ 27 kW On-Grid
  • Fronius Primo ...
    3.8 ~ 13.75 kW On-Grid
  • Fronius Symo UL
    9.995 ~ 23.995 kW On-Grid
  • Fronius Symo A...
    -- kW On-Grid
  • Tauro 50-100kW...
    75 ~ 150 kW On-Grid
  • Tauro 50-100kW...
    50 ~ 100 kW On-Grid


Dominican Republic
DR Congo
Saudi Arabia

Example Installers Using This Brand

Åland Islands
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Industries, Ravin Services, Raw Electrical, Rawsons Electrical, Re-Energy, Reactive Energy, Real Response Electrical, Reclaim Solar Energy, Red Dog, Redefining Solar, Redfox Electrical Contractors, RACE, Regen Energy, Regen Power, Reilly Electrical, Reliable Solar Services, Reliable Solar Solutions, Reliance Solar, Rely Solar, Remote Off Grid Energy, Remote Solar Solutions, Renew Energy, Renew Energy Solutions, Renewable Energy Australia, Renewable Energy Queensland, REST, Renewable Power Technologies, Renova Solar, Replenishable Energy, Rescom Solar, Resinc Solar, Rethink Energy Solutions, Revolutionary Solar, Reztech Solar, Rhino Electrical Bundaberg, Rimfire Energy, RES, Rising Solar, Riverside Solar, RK Solar, Robbie Mcdonald Electrical, Rockys Electrical, Twin Solar, Roof Top Solar, Rossgo's Electrical, RS Energy, Ruhunu Solar Energy, RTES, RVB Solar, Ryde Energy, S.A.W. Solutions, S.P.B. Energy Solutions, Sungain Solar, SA Green Solar, SAE Group, Safewire Electrical, Sahara Solar, Sailing Solar, SALT Solar, Saltwater Solar, Samartech, Sanctuary Solar, Sapphire Solar, Satellite Solar, Save Energy, Save on Energy, Save Wise, Savida Solar, Say Yes Solar, Sayers Electrical, SCE Energy Solutions, Scott Black Solar & Electrical, SEA Contracting, Sea Energy Group, SEM Group, SEM Solar, Serenity Energy, SFSE, Sharpe Services, Sherwood Solar, Shine On, Shining Days, Shining Solar Energy, Shipp's Electrical, Shoalhaven Solar Energy Solutions, Shorecan Electrical & Solar, Silicon Solar, Silver Click, Simmark, Simply Solar, Sims Solar, Sine Wave Solar, Singh Solar Solutions, SIS Solar, Six Star Plus, SJB Electrical & Solar, Sky Energy, Sky Power Energy, Sky Solar, Sky Solar Energy, Skylight Energy, Skytech Energy, SL Green Energy, SLM Solar, SmartConsult, Smart Energy Answers, Smart House Solar, Smart Power Solutions, Smart Safe Energy, SmartGen Solar, Smartoz Electrical & Solar, 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Sky Solar, Sunny Solar, Sunny Solar, Sunoxi New Energy, Sunpac Solar, SunPass, SunPeople, Sunpower Solar Solutions, Sunpro Solar, Sunray Power, Sunrays Power, Sunrise Innovations, Sunrise Power, Sunrise Solar Australia, Sunrun Solar, Sunscape Solar, Sunset Solar, Sunshine Coast Solar, Sunshine State Solar, SunSmart SC, Sunspark Solar, Sunstainable, Suntek Energy, Suntime Solar, SunTrix, Sunwatt Aust., Sunworx Energy, SunX, Super Solar Energy, SGS, Superior Solar, Superior Solar, Supply Solar, Supreme Solar Power, Sure Solar, Surge It Solar & Electrical, Suri & Suri Electrical, Sustain Solar, SCS, Suzlon Solar, Swan Solar, Swann's Solar & Electrical, Switch 2 Solar, Switch Power & Air, Switched On, Sydney Solar & Batteries, Sydney Solar Group, Sydney Wide Solar, Symons Energy, Tableland Solar, Tailored Energy Solutions, Take Charge Energy, talkenergy, Tanway Engineering, Target Electrical & Solar, Target Solar, Tas Energy & Heating, Task Industries, TSS, TECTAS, Taylor Energy, TCA Electrical Contractors, TCC Solar, TDG Solar, Teaslec, Technaus Solar, Technique Solar Services, Techno Solar, TEG Energy Services, Teho, Tenmen Electrical, Termico Solar Generation, Territory Solar Solutions, Tesla Electrical & Solar, Tetris Industries, TFA Solar, TGE, The Energy Experts, Green Guys Solar, The Green House Effect, The Heat Shop, The Power Shop, The Pride Group, The Solar Group, SunWorks Solar, The Viking Group, Think Renewable, Thirroul Electrical Services, Thirroul Solar, Thompson Electrical & Solar, Thompson Solar Solutions, Thomson Energy Solutions, Tic Tag Systems, Tick 4 Solar, Time 4 Solar, TKL Electrical + Solar, Todae Solar, Top End Solar, Top House Solar, Top Value Solar, TMS Solar & Electrical, Total Solar, Total Solar & Electrical, Total Solar Solutions, Towards Tomorrow Energy, Town & Country Solar, Townsville Solar Solutions, TPE Solar, TQ Electrical Solutions, Track Energy, Tradepro Solar, Traeger Solar, Transformed Energy Solutions, Trentham Electrical & 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Tech, RC Impianti, Redel Green Energy, ReGreen, Ren Italia, RES, Renzoni Impianti Elettrici, Resit, Rinnova Energia, Rinnova, Rinnovabile Maccabiani, Roccapiana, S.E.I., S.M. Technologic Group, S.P.E., S.T.E.A., Sacchi Giuseppe, SaccoPower, Sapi Impianti, Satrel, Savex, SCIP Energy Solution, SEA Energie, Selettra, Senergie, Sep Energia, SIAT Energy, Sicilia Energia Solare, Siecom Energia, Sienergy, Sigeim Energia, Siltronic, Simac, Sinergy Tekno Impianti, Sistema Solare, Sistemi Solari, Skyenergy, Smart Impianti, Smart Sardegna, Solar Cash, Solar Energia, Solar Energy GT, Solar Energy Point, Solar Farm, Solar Italia Group, Solar Italia, Solarcenter, Solare Impianti, Solarenergie, Solarte Italia, Solarvolt, Solerà, Solsolis, Sonergy, ST. 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Fronius inverters provide absolute security in the transmission of the produced power from the panels to the electrical network. Moreover, their quality guarantees their longevity.

-- 3jSystem

They are very easy to install. The performance of the trifasic inverters from 10 kw is very good. The customer service has always been satisfactory

-- Ehiso Energía S.L.

Their performance is very good and they are very durable. In case of failure the components can easily be replaced so its possible to repair it in situ.

-- Marcos , Aplitec Maestrat, S.L.

Its very versatile; maintenance is very quick and easy. Technical service is quite remarkable.

-- Masber Solar S.L.

Good for large installations since its inverters have more power than other brands, so we dont need to install many of them, at the end our customers will save money.

-- Ábaco Ambiental, S.L.

This manufacturer is known for its quality and because its products are always updated with the latest technological advances. We trust the brand because it always keeps current certificates of product quality.

-- Infrysol Instalaciones Frigoríficas y Solares S.L.U

We use this brand because their inverters always comply with the current regulations, have galvanic isolation transformers and are tested by external laboratories.

-- David Gonzalez, Inelsa, S.L.

Great one ! Professional technical support. Huge knowledge. Business partner on Polish market, R& D and Safety Project... Fire protection on Polish RES market with Alter Energia Sp. Z o.o. nad PAP24

-- Zbigniew Wasielewski, Alter Energia Sp. z o.o.

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