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We have several solar databases to help your business

Global Inverter Database

ENF presents a collection of data of 12,992 individual commercial solar inverters and 6,225 obsolete solar inverters (total 8,811 series of inverters) in Excel format.

An ideal sourcing tool for system integrators, installers, distributors and wholesalers to find the inverters that best suit their needs.

A benchmarking tool for manufacturers to see how their products compare to their competitors.

Key Features:

Standardised data template

Information carefully copied into a common template.

Freshly collected data

We frequently review large manufacturers for newly released inverter.

Links to download each inverter datasheet in the original manufacturer version

Company contact details and profile links on ENF website


1-Year Subscription (Quarterly Updates) :


Single Copy:


Note: Data is presented in English. If you needs this data in another language, please let us know – we will create a new language version if several customers ask for it.