JA Solar Supply 8.1MW Mono PERC Modules to Solar Plant in Brazil

Published on 8 May 2018
JA Solar 
JA Solar Holdings Co., Ltd. announced that JA Solar will supply 8.1MW of its mono PERC modules to the solar power plant utilizing PERC modules in Brazil. 

Mr. Cao Bo, Vice President of JA Solar, commented: "Brazil has abundant solar energy resources and represents a promising market for solar energy. JA Solar entered the Brazilian market in 2015, and provided a total of 254MW of solar modules for the country's biggest solar plant in 2016. Additionally, we established our Brazilian subsidiary last year, expanding our presence and further supporting our customers and partners in the region. JA Solar is committed to our R&D efforts to develop high-performance solar modules. As a PERC patent holder, JA Solar is capable of providing our Brazilian customers with more reliable products and services."

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