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CETC Solar Completes Photovoltaic Greenhouse EPC Project

Published on 8 Sep 2022
CETC Solar 
Recently, our company's flexible support photovoltaic greenhouse EPC project located in the Jiashao Bridge service area has successfully completed the installation of prestressed suspension cables and photovoltaic modules.

The flexible support photovoltaic greenhouse is an important part of the photovoltaic project of the Jiashao Bridge zero-carbon service area. It is located in the west area of the Jiashao Bridge service area of the G1522 Jiashao Expressway. It covers an area of more than 4,200 square meters and has a total of 1,248 545-watt photovoltaic modules installed. The total capacity is 680.16 kilowatts, and it is expected that the annual clean energy power generation will reach 782,000 kWh in the future.

This project is the first application of flexible support in the high-speed service area of Zhejiang Province. The prestressed suspension cable photovoltaic support system is remarkable in terms of practicality of wind resistance, snow resistance and corrosion resistance, as well as construction cost and comprehensive land utilization.

The flexible support photovoltaic greenhouse is equipped with a patented stabilization system and damper, and the design wind resistance level is 10.

The flexible support photovoltaic greenhouse project is a new application of photovoltaic power generation projects in specific scenarios of high-speed service areas. It solves the problem that the roof area of the current high-speed service area can be installed with distributed photovoltaics is limited, and promotes the development of "photovoltaic + transportation" industry at the same time. , and will also vigorously promote the realization of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals.

Source: CETC Solar
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