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Golden Glass Gains JET Approval for Solar Module

Published on 24 Oct 2013
Golden Glass Technologies 
Oct. 24, 2013 - Golden Glass has announced recently that the majority of monocrystalline PV module series with power ranging from 80W-205W has achieved JET-PVm certificate, a pass of solar photovoltaic products to access to Japan markets. The approval of it does not only demonstrate the durability and performance, but also gives more chance for Golden Glass to raise the PV modules occupancy ratio and explore market extension.

It is reported that this certification service is a voluntary scheme operated by JET, The objectives of this scheme are to ascertain the reliability and the safety of Photovoltaic (PV) modules and to promote wide application and usage of PV systems in the field and thus to serve to end users. Certificates are granted to each model of products after the successful completion of applicable tests based on the IEC/IEC harmonized JIS standards and the factory inspection of the quality management system at the manufacturing location.

Source: Golden Glass
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