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Company Description
Xiamen Photons Solar Technology Co.,Ltd located in Xiamen and established with its leading patented technology and efficient service in renewable energy industry. Photons Solar has owned several independent intellectual property rights and focuses on the research and development, production, sales and service in renewable energy industry, especially in solar photovoltaic mounting systems and building Integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) products and services.

Photons Solar has an international and professional R&D team. Our Company idea is openness basing on sincerity,Pursue Excellence Quality and mutually beneficial cooperation. Offering a series of ground/rooftop/carport/agricultural mounting system, including its accessories , we always keeping leading status on solar PV mounting structural design and system performance.

Photons Solar has powerful production capacity.Our factory covers an area of 960,000 square meters,with large quantities of advanced equipment to ensure supply products timely . We also have the ground screw and fence production base.

Photons Solar has a strong marketing team and has established a global market based on the competitive price and the punctual delivery. The quality of international standards certification ensures first-class renewable energy products are available to installers, integrators and EPC contractors around the world.

Photons Solar’s goal is to be the leading company of new energy industry and bring back more green to the human being and glistening in the front of the world photovoltaic forever
Business Details
Component Types
Mounting System, Module Clamps, Ground Screws
Mounting System
Type: Ground, Roof, BIPV, Carport, Floating
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1.Roof Mounting System
1).Simple,minimal system components
2).Most components are pre-assembled to save on site installation time & cost
3).Flexible customized design for different requirements
4).Lightweight Aluminum structure, high corrosion resistance, superior intensity,anti-rust fitting components
5).EPDM mats protection for the roof.

2.Ground Mounting System
1.Ground screws and concrete foundations.
2.Lightweight Aluminum structure, high corrosion resistance, superior intensity,anti-rust fitting components
3.Flexible customized design for different requirements
4.Most components are pre-assembled to save on site installation time & cost

3. Carport Mounting system

1.Maximize use of the space while generating electricty
2.Long spans between foundations saves cost
3.Lightweight Aluminum structure, high corrosion resistance, superior intensity,anti-rust fitting components
4.Flexible customized design for different requirements,also offer fully waterproof design solution.
5.Most components are pre-assembled to save on site installation time & cost

4.Sloping Ground Mounting system

1.Can be mounted in 30 degree solping ground.
2.East-west and Noth-south direction adjustable.
3.Up-down adjustable.
4.Easy installation because of the Portrait rail.
5.Lightweight Aluminum structure, high corrosion resistance, superior intensity,anti-rust fitting components

5.Ground Screw

6.Solar Fence

Our Factory

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* Photons has obtained 80+ utility model patents,has Laboratory Accreditation Certificate,Own a national-level central laboratory, quality&technology are inadvanced level,production and testing equipment all current domestic & world advanced technology,the whole process conduct strict quality control with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001&OHSAS18001&SGS,Photons solar products can be used for 25years.
The core members of R&D team are by educated professional,10+Year rich experience for solar rack,Always foce on R&D high-efficiency and corrosion-resistant  solar rack .Product following below Chinese/International Standards:

1. GB5237(Wrought aluminium alloy extruded profiles for architecture)

2. International Standard ISO 28340 ( aluminium and aluminum alloy complex film)

* Structural mechanics calculation,use more than one type of 3D calculation software,Such as the Pro/mechanic,SAP2000V15,always provide reliable structures with good strength as per customer's budget and conditions.


Mounting Systems

  • 0.118 / Wp
    Waterproof Alu...
  • 0.0347 / Wp
    Ground Mounting
  • 0.0164 / Wp
    Rooftop Mounti...
    Pitched Roof
  • Bipv Waterproo...
  • 0.0124 / Wp
    Carport Mounting
  • 0.103 / Wp
    Aluminum solar...
  • 0.0208 / Wp
    Flat roof
    Flat Roof
  • 0.085 / Wp
    Solar Farm Mou...
  • 0.0702 / Wp
    Pole Mounting ...
  • 0.0568 / Wp
    Sloping Ground...
  • 0.0424 / Wp
    Solar ramming ...
  • 0.0266 / Wp
    Ground mount s...
  • 0.0373 / Wp
    Steel mounting...
  • 0.0198 / Wp
    Ground solar m...
  • 0.0313 / Wp
    Pitched tile r...
    Pitched Roof
  • 0.0259 / Wp
    Metal sheet ro...
    Pitched Roof
  • 0.0566 / Wp
    Pitched Tile R...
    Pitched Roof
  • 0.0178 / Wp
    Corrugated Met...
    Pitched Roof

Solar Systems

  • 5000 Wp
Company Updates
16 Apr 2022 ZAM steel ground solar brackets with high strength,strong corrosion ,self-repair and economical price to meet customer requirement.—>https://www.photons-solar.com/zam-steel-ground-solar-brackets_p26.html
8 Apr 2022 Greatly reducing the wind load, Roof surface can be effectively protected with less concrete blocks,easy to install-->https://www.photons-solar.com/flat-concrete-roof-ballasted-solar-bracket-system_p45.html
31 Mar 2022 Photons provide high quality aluminum clamp for your trapezoidal metal roof —>https://www.photons-solar.com/trapezoid-clamp-for-roof-mounting_p14.html
24 Mar 2022 Photons BIPV Roof Mounting System is fully waterproof. https://www.photons-solar.com/bipv-waterproof-structural-mounting-system_p58.html
23 Mar 2022 30MW Ground Mounting Project In Japan~https://www.photons-solar.com/video_nc5
Last Update: 28 Feb 2022