Lightway Technology Development Limited
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Cell Type: Polycrystalline
Power Range: 4.429~4.721 Wp
Region: China China
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1. Half Cut Cell with PID Free
2. Half Cut Cell with PERC Technique
3. High conversion efficiency,average cell efficiency is 18.6%,highest efficiency is 19.2%
4. Long term efficiency stability and excellent reliability
5. Low breakage rate and Low LID rate
6. Good color uniformity
7. Half Cut Cell been cutten professionally
8. Half Cut Cell been packed perfectly without broken

Product Characteristics

Model No.
LW-P6-4.429W LW-P6-4.478W LW-P6-4.526W LW-P6-4.575W LW-P6-4.624W LW-P6-4.673W LW-P6-4.721W
Product Characteristics  
Cell Technology Polycrystalline
Dimensions 156.75×156.75 mm
Diagonal 220 mm
Cell Thickness 220 ± 20 µm
Front Surface (-)  
No. of Busbars 4
Busbar Width 1.0±0.1 mm
Busbar Material Silver
Anti Reflection Coating Silicon nitride
Back Surface (+)  
No. of Soldering Pads 4
Soldering Pad Width 2.1±0.1 mm
Soldering Pad Material Silver
Back Surface Field (BSF) Aluminium
Electrical Data at STC  
Maximum Power (Pmax)
4.429 W 4.478 W 4.526 W 4.575 W 4.624 W 4.673 W 4.721 W
Voltage at Maximum Power Point (Vmpp)
0.551 V 0.554 V 0.556 V 0.56 V 0.563 V 0.566 V 0.569 V
Current at Maximum Power Point (Impp)
8.034 A 8.088 A 8.141 A 8.17 A 8.213 A 8.254 A 8.297 A
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)
0.647 V 0.648 V 0.649 V 0.651 V 0.651 V 0.653 V 0.653 V
Short Circuit Current (Isc)
8.801 A 8.874 A 8.948 A 9.001 A 9.071 A 9.12 A 9.21 A
Cell Efficiency
1810-1820 % 1830-1840 % 1850-1860 % 1870-1880 % 1890-1900 % 1910-1920 % 1930-1940 %
Fill Factor (FF)
77.74 % 77.92 % 77.94 % 78.08 % 78.3 % 78.45 % 78.5 %
Thermal Ratings  
Temperature Coefficient of Pmax -0.4 %/˚C
Temperature Coefficient of Voc -2.08 %/˚C
Temperature Coefficient of Isc 4.58 %/˚C

About Lightway

Lightway was established in 2006,set up four companies in China mainland and owns two operating/sales companies in HongKong,with manufacturing factilities in Jiangsu/Jiangxi/Guangdong for solar cells,solar modules and solar applications etc and global marketing/sales company in Shenzhen,our current annual production/supply capacity is over 280MW for solar cells and 360MW for solar modules etc manufactured in CE/ISO/IEC/TUV/UL etc certificates.Lightway devoted to offering clients a one-stop shop for high quality products,solutions and engineering services with its extensive expertise in solar energy field.

In order to meet the quick development of solar industry and support our partners/clients as much as we can,Lightway also focusing on cutting solar cells over 8 years and has 14 Sets full automatic laser-semiconductor cut machines and skilled workers.

Every month our cut production capacity is over 5 million pieces different cut size solar cells for producing our solar modules and supply to our partners/clients from all over the world.

Our all cut solar cells just been cutted in full size A grade high efficiency solar cells,NON B Grade/C Grade/Broken solar cells.

Solar cell been cutted professionally by our skilled workders and packed perfectly without broken during the transit.

Viewing Eco-friendly as our first priority,Lightway is committed to maintaining high quality solar products and high standard services to grow with our customers in the 21st century and beyond as usually.

Our full-automatic laser-semiconductor cut machines and skilled workers

Half Cut Solar Cell been cutted professionally

Our Half Cut Solar Cell been packed perfectly without broken during the transit

Lightway Technology Development Limited

Xicheng Industrial Park, Baotian Rd., Xixiang Town, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong
No. Staff: 300
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