SunWorks Charge Controller

Technology: PWM
Product Warranty: 2 Years
Region: France France
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Alternative Product

TriStar MPPT

MSRP from $477 / Unit
  • Technology: MPPT
  • Product Warranty: 5 Years
  • Nominal System (Battery) Voltage: 12 - 48 V
  • Battery Type: --
  • Protection Class: IP 20
  • Max. Solar Input Power: 3200 W
  • Battery Voltage Operating Range: 8 - 72 V
  • Peak Conversion Efficiency: 99.00 %
  • Self-Consumption: --
  • Terminals (Wire Size): 35.0 mm2

Product Characteristics

Model No.
Electrical Data  
Max. Solar Input Power
170 W 170 W 240 W 240 W
Max. Solar Panel Open Circuit Voltage
30 V 30 V 30 V 30 V
Max. Solar Panel Short Circuit Current
11 A 11 A 15 A 15 A
Nominal System (Battery) Voltage
12 V 12 V 12 V 12 V
Maximum Battery Charge Current
11 A 11 A 15 A 15 A
General Data  
Dimensions (H/W/D) 
110x85x35 mm 110x85x35 mm 110x85x35 mm 110x85x35 mm
Battery Type GEL, AGM, VLA
Charging Algorithm 3 Stage
Charging Stages Bulk, Absorption, Float
Display LCD
Language English
Protection Features  
Protection Features Short Circuit Protection, PV Reverse Polarity Protection, PV Overvoltage Protection, PV Reverse Current Protection at Night, Battery Reverse Polarity Protection, Overload Protection, Over Charging Protection, Over Temperature Protection


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