ABB Pte. Ltd.
Type: Micro-inverter
Power Range: 33 kW
Region: Singapore Singapore
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  • Type: On-Grid
  • Product Warranty: 1.5 Years
  • Protection Class: IP20
  • Dimension: 1250x600x600 mm
  • Weight: 210 kg
  • Max. DC Power: 11 kW
  • Max. DC Voltage: 880 V
  • Max. DC Current: 24.5 A
  • MPP(T) Voltage Range: 450~850 V
  • No of MPP Trackers: --
  • Max. AC Power: 10 kW
  • Frequency: 50,60 Hz
  • Max. Efficiency: 93.8 %
  • Euro Efficiency: 93.08 %
  • Feed-in Phases: 3

Product Characteristics

Model No.
Input Data(DC)  
Max. DC Voltage
950 V
Nominal DC Voltage
580 V
Min. DC Voltage to Start Feed In
610 V
MPP(T) Voltage Range
580~850 V
No of MPP Trackers
DC Inputs
Output Data (AC)  
Max. AC Power
33 kW
Nominal AC Power
33 kW
Output AC Voltage Range
320~480 V
Nominal AC Voltage
400 V
Max. AC Current
50.3 A
Frequency Range
47-63 Hz
50, 60 Hz
Power Factor (cosθ)
Distortion (THD)
< 3 %
No of feed-in phases
Max. Efficiency
98.3 %
AC Output Connection
General Data  
Dimensions (H/W/D) 
740x520x300 mm
66 kg
Power Consumption at Night
< 1 W
Noise Level
< 67 dB(A)
Operating Temperature -25 ~ +60 ℃
Transformer Transformerless
Protection Class IP65
Humidity 0-100 %
Cooling Fan
Max. Altitude 2000 m
Protection Features  
Protection Features Anti Island Protection(ENS), Overvoltage Protection, Overcurrent Protection
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ABB Pte. Ltd.

2 Ayer Rajah Crescent
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The ABB Proposition

ABB provides the most comprehensive portfolio of products, systems and solutions along the solar PV value chain that enable the generation, transmission and distribution of solar power for both on-grid and microgrid applications.
The offering includes one of the widest portfolio of inverters. Big or small, commercial or residential, utility or industry, ABB has the power to support you.

The ABB Advantage

Quality, local presence, and bankability are the hallmarks of ABB products.

European quality engineering and production: With factories in Europe, ABB inverters are made with highest quality of materials and manufactured the highest quality EU standards. This provides a high performing inverter that is built to last.

Global footprint; Local presence: ABB has over 25 GW of solar inverters and presence in over 100 countries, you can count on an ABB office near you to provide strong local support which is critical to long-term smooth operation of your solar installation.

Bankability: Solar installations are meant to operate for 20-25 years at a time, and are a high investment whether you are a homeowner or a solar farm developer. With over 40 years of history as ABB, yearly revenues of $35 billion and 135 thousand employees, ABB is a Fortune 200 publicly listed company that customers can rely on.

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