SunDay Solar Power

SunDay Solar Power

90/4 \" Silver-Oak\" Opp. Janata Bazaar, Karad 415110
+91 888 8767755
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Installation Starting Date
kWp Installed/2015
Free Maintenance Years
1 Year
On-Grid / Off-Grid
On-grid, Off-grid
Installation size
(S)maller Installations, 1(M)Wp+ Installations
Other Services
Evaluation, Design
Operating Area
Panel Suppliers
Inverter Suppliers
Parent Company
SunDay Consultant

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About us

SunDay solar power dealing in renewable energy is a 100% subsidiary of SunDay solar companies (Germany/Singapore/ Middle East/ USA/India)

Business activities:

1. Solar EPC and solar pumps
2. Process solutions in power
3. All in one solar street lights
4. Wind stream solar mill
5. Solar fencing

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