11th Solar Indonesia 2016 International Expo

11th Solar Indonesia 2016 International Expo

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Jakarta, Indonesia

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Start Date
23 Nov 2016
End Date
25 Nov 2016
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Ⅰ. Introduction:

CEMS-Global USA in association with CEMS Indonesia is pleased to present its 'Solar/ PV Power Series of Exhibition' in Southeast Asia's largest economy – the '11th SOLAR Indonesia 2016 International Expo' concurrently with the renowned 'Power Series of Exhibitions' held in Indonesia, Indonesia & Sri Lanka. The "11th SOLAR Indonesia 2016 International Expo", will be Indonesia's premier International Exhibition on Solar Photo Voltaic Power Generation & Transmission since 2012; which will bring together specialists engaging in the Photo Voltaic Power Generation Industry bringing leading Manufacturers and Distributors/ Representatives from all over the world in Indonesia.

11th SOLAR Indonesia 2016 International Expo will showcase World-class Manufacturers/ Suppliers from around the world from the Photovoltaic Industry. Indonesia, seen as an emerging country in Solar PV Power Generation has a tremendous scope in the sector with a new policy in place announced by the Government of Indonesia.Indonesia, in its efforts to look for newer resources for Power Generation, is investing heavily on Solar Power Generation, which is seen as an alternative source of energy. Every month more than 70,000 Solar Home Systems (SHS) are being installed in Indonesia in a bid to reduce greenhouse emissions and ensures sustainable development in the energy sector. Every month those solar home systems are adding around 2MW of electricity.

Indonesia is endowed with plentiful supply of renewable sources of energy. Out of the various renewable sources, Solar power is effectively used but still leaves colossal room for expansion. Exhibiting at 11th SOLAR Indonesia 2016 International Expo will open your doors to the entire Photo Voltaic Power Generation Industry of Indonesia and an event you cannot afford to miss.

Ⅱ. Exhibition Scope:

1. Production Equipment:

● Ingot/ Block Production Equipment: turnkey systems, casting/ solidification equipment, crucibles equipment, pullers and other related

● Wafer Production Equipment: turnkey systems, cutting equipment, cleaning equipment, inspecting equipment, and other related

● Cell Production Equipment: turnkey systems, etching equipment, cleaning equipment, diffusion equipment, coating/ deposition, screen printers

● Other furnaces, testers & sorters, and other related

● Panel Production Equipment: turnkey systems, testers, glass washing equipment, tabbers/ stringers

● Laminators and other related

● Thin-Film Panel Production Equipment: amorphous silicon cells, CIS/ CIGS, CdTe and DSSC

● Production Technical and Research Equipment

2. Solar Materials:

● Solar Cells/ Panels (PV Modules): Companies that manufacture solar cells/ panels (/ modules), including the companies that simply sell or distribute solar cells/ panels (/ modules) and the companies using OEM/ ODM.

● Components: Batteries, Chargers, Controllers, Converters, Data Logger, Inverters, Monitors, Mounting Systems, Trackers, Other -Companies that supply products (apart from solar panels/ modules) required for a functioning grid-connected or off-grid solar power system.

● Solar Products: Lighting Products, Power Systems, Mobile Chargers, Water Pumps, Solar Houseware, Other Solar Products - Companies that manufacture products that use solar products or panels.

● PV Projects and System Integrators: PV system integrators, solar power air conditioner system, rural PV power generation system, solar power measurement and control system, solar power warming system projects, PV projects programs control, engineering control and software system. Category Description: Companies that design and sell complete photovoltaic systems in buildings (panels installed on buildings) or in solar power plants, and companies that install panels/ modules.

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