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Jinko Solar Holding Co., Ltd.

Jinko Solar Holding Co., Ltd.

No. 1, Lane 1466, Shenchang Road, Minhang District, Shanghai
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China China

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Jimmy Marketing Manager

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Power Range(Wp):
High Efficiency Crystalline
PERC, Bifacial, TOPCon
Power Range(Wp):



  • Transparent BI...
    245 ~ 265 Wp BIPV
  • All-White BIPV...
    145 ~ 165 Wp BIPV
  • Tiger Pro 72HC...
    550 ~ 570 Wp
  • All-Red BIPV J...
    180 ~ 200 Wp BIPV
  • All-Grey BIPV ...
    210 ~ 230 Wp BIPV
  • All-Blue BIPV ...
    220 ~ 240 Wp BIPV
  • All-Black BIPV...
    375 ~ 395 Wp BIPV
  • Tiger Pro 72HC...
    535 ~ 555 Wp Bifacial
  • Tiger Neo N-ty...
    420 ~ 440 Wp Bifacial,TOPCon
  • Tiger Neo 66HL...
    600 ~ 625 Wp Bifacial,TOPCon
  • Tiger Neo 54HL...
    425 ~ 445 Wp Bifacial,TOPCon
  • Tiger Neo 78HL...
    615 ~ 635 Wp Bifacial,TOPCon
  • Tiger Neo 72HL...
    570 ~ 590 Wp Bifacial,TOPCon
  • Cheetah HC 60M...
    325 ~ 345 Wp PERC
  • Cheetah HC 72M...
    390 ~ 410 Wp PERC
  • Cheetah HC 60M...
    320 ~ 340 Wp PERC
  • Tiger Neo 54HL...
    425 ~ 440 Wp TOPCon
  • Tiger Neo 54HL...
    430 ~ 450 Wp TOPCon
  • Tiger Neo 66HL...
    605 ~ 630 Wp TOPCon
  • Tiger Neo 72HL...
    570 ~ 590 Wp TOPCon
  • Tiger Neo 78HL...
    615 ~ 635 Wp TOPCon
  • Tiger Neo 60HL...
    470 ~ 490 Wp TOPCon


Dominican Republic
New Zealand
North Macedonia
Saudi Arabia
Sri Lanka

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Burkina Faso
Côte d'Ivoire
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Business Details

Component Types
Inverter, Storage System
Storage System
Power Range (kWp):
No. of Known Sellers
Inverter 1 Sellers, Storage System 6 Sellers



  • JKS-3-6HLVS-GI
    -- kW Hybrid

Storage Systems

  • JKS-B51100-GI
    LFP (LiFePO4)
  • SunGiga JKE344...
    LFP (LiFePO4)


Example Installers Using This Brand

Business Details

Material Types
Sell Out Cells / Use For Own Panels
Use For Own Panels
Cell Technology:
Monocrystalline, Polycrystalline

Company Updates

19 Apr 2024

JinkoSolar Ranked on BNEF's Energy Storage Tier 1 List!

13 Mar 2024

Jinko Solar supplies C&I ESS in Bussi island, Uganda.


Jinko Solar jinko is a great partner, who focus on providing customers with the world's leading photovoltaic products, implement the scientific and technological innovation vigorously

-- [email protected], Fonrich (Shanghai) New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

high quality solar panels , from the best manufacturers in the market

-- abdulnasser alazzam, Bejadin for Power


-- 邹仕阳, Reesun Solar Technology Co., Ltd.

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