• Spain
    27 Jul 2012

    ISOFOTON to Carry out a Euro 16M Rural Project in Senegal

    - The Senegalese Rural Electrification Agency (ASER) has awarded ISOFOTON the concession for this project, which entails an investment of Euro 16 million and financing from the European Union.
  • Germany
    26 Jul 2012

    Conergy Completed Its Second 630KW Rooftop Installation

    Conergy has intensified its global footprint with the completion of a second 630-kilowatt rooftop installation on another BIG shopping mall. In the wake of the first plant in Tiberius, a second is now being installed in Beit Shemesh in Israel. The power plant for BIG Shopping Centres, a company listed on the Tel Aviv stock exchange, will be one of the country's biggest rooftop installations. The investors have placed their trust in Conergy's premium modules manufactured at its Frankfurt (Oder) factory in Germany. The clean solar energy produced by more than 2,600 Conergy PowerPlus modules will be fed into the grid by Conergy IPG 300K inverters and will help the chain of shopping malls to continue pursuing its eco-friendly strategy.
  • China
    26 Jul 2012

    Sky Solar Japan to Begin Construction on PV Power Stations

    Since Japan formally implemented new Feed-in-Tariffs for the photovoltaic (PV) industry in July 2012, it has seen an overwhelming response and injection in the market. It is expected that with electricity prices of 42 Japanese Yen (approx. 3.36 Chinese Yuan) /kWh, internal rates of return of around 20% can be given to investors. This level of IRR has attracted and tempted many companies to invest in the PV industry either through development or through mergers and acquisition. With the strong possibility that Japan will overtake Germany as the second largest PV market in the world, many companies are vying to win a greater market share of the Japanese market.
  • 26 Jul 2012

    Upsolar Unveils 2.2 MW Smart Array in Vermont

    Upsolar today announced the completion of its largest project in the United States to date: a 2.2MW solar power plant in Sharon, VT. Constructed by New England-based Talmage Solar Engineering, Inc., the system incorporates Tigo Energy’s Module Maximizer™ technology to feed optimized renewable energy directly into the local grid.
  • Germany Austria
    25 Jul 2012

    AEG Power Solutions Wins a Major Follow-up Contract with Activ Solar for PV Power Plant Equipment

    AEG Power Solutions signed a major contract with Vienna based company Activ Solar. This deal covers photovoltaic utility scale equipment and services for a minimum of 170MW until the end of 2013. It is an extension of the first agreement signed in the second half of 2010 covering the complete electrical systems for 14 PV power plants, each of approximately 20MW.
  • United States
    25 Jul 2012

    CPS Energy, OCI Solar Power Launch Largest Municipally Owned Mega Solar Project

    A landmark deal signed today by CPS Energy and OCI Solar Power will result in the construction of 400 megawatts (MW) of solar energy, bring several manufacturing facilities that produce solar panel components, and create 805 jobs in San Antonio.
  • Germany
    25 Jul 2012

    Northland Power Selects SMA's Medium-Voltage Power Platform for Multisite Portfolio in Ontario

    SMA has entered into a contract with Canadian independent power producer Northland Power Inc. (Northland), to equip the company with SMA Medium-Voltage Power Platforms for multiple solar projects in Ontario, Canada, totaling up to 130MW.
  • Germany
    24 Jul 2012

    Canadian Solar Modules Pass PID Test

    Canadian Solar Inc. was among the first providers to have passed two high voltage endurance tests. The Photovoltaic Institute (PI) Berlin tested the CS6-poly-series and the PV Evolution Labs assessed the CS5-mono-series and the CS6-poly-series. The tests measured the sensitivity of the module output parameters when exposed to high system voltages – formally known as Potential Induced Degradation (PID). With this the Canadian solar module manufacturer once again has demonstrated the high quality of their products.
  • Germany China
    24 Jul 2012

    Sunways Closes Difficult 2011 Fiscal Year

    - Sales in the fiscal year total € 116.2 million
  • China Australia
    24 Jul 2012

    ReneSola Signs 5.95MW Virtus Module Sales Agreement with Solargain

    ReneSola Ltd today announced that it has sold 5.95MW of its Virtus modules to Solargain PV Pty Ltd ("Solargain").