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Welcome to the world’s most advanced solar EVA product directory. Panel manufacturers can use our advanced technical filters to find the exact solar encapsulant that match their needs. We have collated EVA data from manufacturers from all around the world into a common template, allowing you to compare and review EVA films easily. Finally, please also note that at the top of the page you can select the type of EVA you are looking for (Standard Cure, Fast Cure or Ultra Fast Cure).

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Thermal Shrinkage (Width /TD) ≤


Peel Strength (EVA - Glass) ≥


Peel Strength (EVA - Backsheet) ≥


Elongation ≥


Width ≤


Hardness (Shore A)


Gel Content ≥


Light Transmittance ≥


Melting Point

to °C

Vacuuming Time

to min

Lamination Time

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Solar Panel EVA Directory
(114 Individual EVA Models)

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  • BL-808
    Series: BL-808
    Jiang Su Baojun Photoelectric Materials
    Type: Tensile Strength: 16 MPa
    Thickness: 0.3 ~ 0.8 mm Thermal Shrinkage (Length / MD) ≤: 4 %
    Region: China China    
  • AKC-2F/FC
    Series: AKC-2F/FC
    Akcome Film & Applied New Materials
    Type: Fast Cure Tensile Strength: 16 MPa
    Thickness: 0.3 ~ 1.2 mm Thermal Shrinkage (Length / MD) ≤: 3 %
    Region: China China    
  • Dilong EVA
    Type: Fast Cure Tensile Strength: --
    Thickness: -- Thermal Shrinkage (Length / MD) ≤: --
    Region: China China    
  • UFC
    Series: UFC
    Allied Glasses
    Type: Ultra Fast Cure Tensile Strength: --
    Thickness: 0.45 mm Thermal Shrinkage (Length / MD) ≤: --
    Region: India India    
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