Coenergia S.r.l.
Strada Pavesa, 13, 46023 Bondeno di Gonzaga (MN)
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Coenergia is an important distribution company based in Italy, specialized in renewable energy products, including photovoltaic, storage systems, electric charging stations, solar systems (thermic-thermodynamic) and air conditioning. Since the beginning, we have always granted to our customers a wide range of products allowing them to choose the best solution according to any specific requirement. Nowadays we have more than 5.000 customers across the national territory and more than 600 customers all over the rest of the world. We daily handle at least 70 orders and more than 40 residential systems depart from our warehouses every day!
Business Details
Service Coverage Italy
Global, Europe
Languages Spoken English, Italian
Seller Products


  • TRI115-120TM-BB
    Trienergia S.r.l. PERC
  • TRI335-345SM-BB
    Trienergia S.r.l. PERC
  • TRI230-240DM-BB
    Trienergia S.r.l. PERC
  • TRI360-375HM-WB
    Trienergia S.r.l. PERC
  • TRI340SM-WB
    Trienergia S.r.l. PERC
  • TRI335-340SM-BB
    Trienergia S.r.l. PERC
  • TRI300-310SM-RR
    Trienergia S.r.l. PERC
  • COE-230-280P60L
    Trienergia S.r.l. Polycrystalline
  • TRI100-110TM-RR
    Trienergia S.r.l. PERC
  • TRI200-220DM-RR
    Trienergia S.r.l. PERC


  • SE3K-10K
    SolarEdge Techn... On-Grid
  • SUNNY BOY 1.5 ...
    SMA Solar Techn... On-Grid
  • Fronius Symo
    Fronius Interna... On-Grid
  • ABB-UNO-DM-1.2...
    ABB Italy S.p.A. On-Grid
  • ABB-TRIO-5.8/7...
    ABB Italy S.p.A. Micro-inverter

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Coenergia is a top player Distribution company, supplying renewable energy products like, Photovoltaic Modules, Solar Thermal, Heat Pumps, Monitoring Systems, Micro Wind Turbines.

Our main supplier are just top quality companies so we distribute last generation efficient brands, that could pass the most rigorous tests of quality, durability, endurance, performance, accuracy.

To improve Costumer Satisfaction and After Sales service  Coenergia maintains a strong partnership with his supplier, to give always the right and correct support to clients.

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125 Kifisias Str., Cosmos Center, 11524 Athens
Last Update: 10 Mar 2021